Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Beauty and Brains - Lilly Ghalichi

I don't know how I found her, but this girl is an inspiration to businesswomen young and old.  Many must envy her naturally slender figure, but after following her on multiple social media pages, I have grown to love her, as her blogs about zits and pre-photoshoot prep prove she is just a normal girl too.  I love her for her determination, and find her inspiring because of one main reason.  She doesn't stop.  She didn't stop after designing clothing.  She took on more work, creating her eyelash line.  She also has Bellami hair extensions named after her, which include 260 grams of hair!  This go-getter is definitely someone to look up to!

I had already purchased my hair extensions before I read about how my favorite hair company sells a set of clip-ins with even more hair, named after Lilly!  I definitely would have gotten the Lilly hair vs bellissima, because even though I love my extensions, the more volume the better! (My Bellami post is coming soon!)

I would love to try her eyelash line as well, and her clothing would turn heads when worn for a night out on the town!  When I saw her runway looks, I wanted them ALL, especially because because they included black lace and faux leather, two of my favorite looks! The Gigi dress is my favorite in her collection, but unfortunately out of stock!

Lilly is Bravo's "The Shahs of Sunset" Reality Star. Attorney at Law. Entrepreneur. Designer. Author. Blogger.

Check out some of her clothing designs at
Lilly's hair extensions:
Lilly Lashes:
Read her blogs:

*No products mentioned were endorsed by the company.
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Orchid Skirt and Cailyn's Orchid Mineral Eye Polish

I love color.  And if you knew me in real life, you'll probably raise an eyebrow because I wear a lot of neutrals.  As much as I love fashion, color, or specifically wearing colors intimidates me.  Erin and I went shopping together months ago and I bought an orchid colored skirt.  It's a tulip shape, with pleats and a bit of a high waist. I love it on the hanger and it fits me well but I have not found something that I feel pairs with it perfectly.  So much time has passed that it is now winter, and in NJ that means it is too cold to wear my orchid colored skirt without some layers.  I hate buying clothes and not wearing them so I promised myself that I would wear this skirt by the end of the month.

I needed inspiration for creating a look with this skirt.  One of my favorite looks right now is pairing neutrals with brights. Obviously this isn't a new trend by any means but it is still pertinent and really wearable.  I also figured that neutrals with the bright orchid color might be less intimidating for me and therefore, more inspiring.  I Googled "pairing neutrals with brights" and was instantly drawn to the pictures I saw.  This is what fashion is for me; seeing a look and putting my own twist on it.

I like this look:

I could see myself pairing my orchid skirt with a white blouse and some jewelry.  I'm not huge on the belt and my orchid skirt is high waisted.  So maybe a crisp, white blouse with it?

The next image I was drawn to was this one:
I love how this look looks effortless and comfortable.  The bright maxi skirt is definitely the focal piece and it looks cool and a bit edgy paired with the leather jacket.  It's a little tough and a little sweet all mixed together.  So cute!  Of course, my skirt isn't a maxi skirt, but maybe pairing it with a bomber jacket and ankle boots with give it a bit of a rock n roll edge.  

I tried on the skirt with both the white shirts that I own.  As a side note, I don't think most mothers own many white shirts.  I have a boxy cut white shirt but that didn't work with the higher waist of the skirt.  I also have a white, button down shirt but it is cut shorter and has tails that tie in the is very 2012 and it didn't work either.  I also then remembered my bomber jacket is in desperate need of cleaning so that wouldn't be happening until after a trip to the dry cleaner...*sigh

Being that its cold, I knew I would need tights so I tried it with black fleece tights and a black cropped sweater.  That was close but not quite what I wanted.  The knit on the sweater was a little loose and therefore a tad sheer and I just wasn't feeling that route.  So long story and a half emptied closet later, I ended up pairing the orchid skirt with a chiffon top that buttons down, which I tucked in, with thick black tights and laced up booties.  The top has gold plated buttons and I happen to have a Betsey Johnson necklace that is a mermaid set in gold with purple stones along the tail.  It was the perfect accessory!  
And to carry on the orchid theme, I also tried Cailyn's Just Mineral Eye Polish in Orchid.  I received it in my December ipsy bag and this was the perfect occasion to try it out.  I'll tell you more about ipsy soon.  Until then just know it is awesome!  I was a little apprehensive about the Cailyn Eye Polish because I couldn't tell from the packaging whether it was an eye shadow, illuminating product or even some type of liner.  

When I opened it I found that it is a highly pigmented, very metallic powder.  I went to apply a thick line to my upper lashes but it had a different idea.  I ended up using it as an eye shadow and then applying a bit as highlighter too.  The latter happened because some of the powder dusting fell and trying to remove it wasn't going to happen.  I think I salvaged it decently considering it came at me like an eye shadow ninja.  The color was bright and lasted well.  It was more pink than purple which I was little surprised by.  The picture doesn't do it justice!  However, overall I really liked the product and will be ordering it again.  I didn't apply it with an type of eye shadow base which I will do going forward to keep it from creasing.  If you plan on wearing eye liner with it, then I would definitely reach for liquid or gel.  Pencil is not going to work well on top of it.  I needed two coats of mascara to cover the metallic dust it left on my lashes but that didn't bother me.  
* Two images are courtesy of a Google search.  The product reviewed was personally purchased and no part of this review was endorsed by the company.  

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Beauty Blender Dup

Do you apply your foundation with your fingertips?  A brush?
I learned about applying foundation with a beauty blender many months ago, and thought it was the same as those disposable sponges, but then I read how the generic beauty blenders didn't even do the same job, let alone generic sponges, and realized there must be a difference.  They would either suck up all the product, or not leave a smooth finish.  I already had a foundation brush, which I barely used, since it left brush marks on my face, and thought I didn't need any more clutter, especially at $20 a pop for the Beauty Blender, so I never ordered them.  I recently decided to try one from one of my favorite low-end makeup brush brands called real Techniques, since youtube reviews said it was a pretty close duplicate to the authentic Beauty Blender, but for only $6!  Once I tried it, I saw why it caused so much chatter!  I dampen it first, and the product glides on with no seams!  No brush strokes, blendablity like no other, and my favorite part is the many angles of the sponge.  The angles speed up my application time, and are ideal for concealer, and also contouring my face! Contouring my face is a recent addition and addiction to my world of makeup, and using highlighters and darker colors are now part of my normal makeup routine due to the simplicity this product creates!  Comment below on your thoughts if you have ever tried a beauty blender! 
real Techniqes miracle complexion sponge
*All realTechniques items mentioned above were personally purchased and not sponsored by the company.  Photo courtesy of realTechniques website.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Skin Care Changes For 2015

I don't often like to admit that I am 33.  Usually I like to tell people that I am *ahem* 29.  During the past couple of years I have really noticed changes in my skin and few of them are favorable!  All of my friends who are older than me warned me that at 30 I would start seeing my skin head downhill fast and to make sure I took care of my skin while it was still young and before it was too damaged.  For the record, I really should have taken their advice!  I am seeing fine lines around my eyes, lines on my forehead, the "11," bags under my eyes, and general redness on face.  The "11" is the nickname and totally unscientific term for the vertical expression lines between the eyebrows.
Here's a filtered, makeupped look at my "11:"

Trust me, without filters and makeup is is much worse and looks like the angry lines drawn on cartoon characters.  

I subscribe to several fashion magazines and one of them is Marie Claire.  The January issue arrived a couple weeks ago and the cover immediately caught my eye.  I actually stopped momentarily because of the headline "The 2015 Change Your Life Guide:  Update Your Look, Jumpstart Your Career, and Detox The Right Way."  Updating my look and detoxing are definitely on my 2015 agenda.  I flipped open the magazine, and stopped everything to take the quiz, "Get Your Detox On."  I know that some of my skin issues are due to inconsistent healthy eating and not consistently drinking enough water or following a skin care routine.  Overall, I eat well but I do eat when stressed and afterwards it shows on my skin.  Additionally, I did not always take care of my skin and often forget to take my makeup off.  And don't get me started on the sun damage due to a childhood in the sun without sunscreen.  
Anyway, attached is a copy of the quiz, courtesy of Marie Claire magazine.

According to this quiz I need the Bare Minerals 7-day Detox Mineral Brightening Peel.  And you know what?  I really can't argue that.  According to the Bare Minerals website, there are seven bottles of product that come packaged for this one week skin detoxification.  The bottles are labeled one through seven and you apply one day for each day of the detox.  The overall product is supposed to increase cell turnover rate, detoxify, create a moisture shield and revitalize skin.  These are definitely all things my skin needs!  The price is $75 which is competitive for skin care treatments.  I am going to be trying this out in January and will of course show you my before and after!  

What skin care products are your favorites?  What works for you?  What product(s) do you recommend for my "11" and fine lines?  

Of course, I know that detoxifying my skin is more than just applying the seven products one a day for one week.  I know that I need more sleep, more water, a consistent skin care routine, and healthy eating every day.  

So Readers, I confess that I don't normally succumb to New Year's Resolutions but this year fixing my skin is definitely mine.  


*The Get Your Detox magazine quiz was directly photographed from Marie Claire Magazine, January 2015 issue.  
**  The Bare Minerals 7-day Detox Mineral Brightening Peel information is from the Bare Minerals website.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Younique 3D Moodstruck - Lashes that reach the stars!

Falsies, aka false eyelashes, can transform a natural makeup look, or a bold makeup look.  I buy them, and they get gloppy with mascara so I throw them out, and each use ends up being $4 down the drain.  The glue stays on my lids for days after the fact too.  The day I found my missing fake eyelash on my dog’s bed, I decided to stop buying them.  I only bought the $4 ones, and I know there are more pricey ones that uphold better, but was always hesitant to try them.  The universe turned in sync with my beauty decisions, because low and behold my sorority sister added me to a Facebook page where she was selling 3D mascara.  I only liked my one and only brand of mascara, and stopped experimenting with others.   My favorite stays on when I want it to, it lengthens, it adds volume, and it comes off when I want it too.  I took a leap of faith anyway, and am SO glad because I can have thick lashes every day now, with no gluing hassle!  I had heard of Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes before, though I didn't put two in two together until I watched a video about it, and realized actual fibers left on your lashes creates extreme volume without the hassle of glue and falsie application!  It comes with 2 tubes, the microfibers, and a separate tube as a base and finishing coat to lock in the fibers, and the look is magnifique!  Just beautiful!  I cannot wait to try Younique's eye pigments and lip products as well!  I am now loyal to this brand!
To place your order fro Dec 17th-27th, 2014, go to 

*All Younique items mentioned above were personally purchased and not sponsored by the company, prior to deciding to book my party.  Photos courtesy of Younique rep.

*Update December 27, 2014
It took me a good 3 tries to really truly love this mascara., and now regular mascara makes me feel like I forgot to apply anything at all!  I learned to unscrew both tubes and hold thein my hand next to each other, all ready to go!  I put a thicker base coat onthan when I first tried it, and also do a back and forth windshield wiper motion with the fiber wand, without fear of spider lashes, and just love it! I took my own before and photos of my eye using Younique 3D fiberlash!                                        
                                                   with full neutral makeup

*Update February 2, 2015: Read my review on other Younique products here!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Multiple Rings

Over the past few months I've been seeing a lot of women wearing multiple rings.  I'm not exactly sure what the trend is called but "Multiple Rings" works for me!  Wearing multiple rings is pretty much just as it sounds...wearing more than one ring on the same hand and going for a more clustered look.  I started seeing this being done more after the whole Steam Punk thing really took off and brought "Over The Knuckle" knuckle rings to the forefront of finger fashion.  An over the knuckle ring is a ring with a large face that goes over the knuckle joint on the wearer's finger.  They vary from chic to ornate.  Personally, I prefer the more chic styles like the one pictured below:
Ok, back to multiple rings.  Shortly after the over the knuckle rings I started seeing multiple rings being worn on the same hand.  Usually a regular ring or two is partnered with other knuckle rings.  What's a knuckle ring? A knuckle ring is a small ring that is worn above the knuckle on a finger.  Confused?  Basically instead of covering the knuckle and bending with the finger like an over the knuckle ring, a knuckle ring is much smaller and does not go below second, or middle knuckle on your finger.

Here's an example of a knuckle ring:

Who knew this post would turn into a lesson about rings?!  Still with me? Ok, good!  Now finally on to multiple rings!  Here is my take on multiple rings:

As you can see, there are two regular rings and two knuckle rings in this set.  The bow shaped ring is from Forever 21.  The other three rings were a set that I purchased at a flea market over the summer.  All together I paid less than $10 for all four rings.  They certainly aren't high quality, but they will hopefully last as long as this trend does.  I like the polished black because it is more bold than either silver or gold would be.  I paired these rings with jeans, a black T shirt, an infinity scarf and a military inspired jacket.  I liked the rocker vibe the multiple ring set brought to the outfit.  It took an outfit that has been done a million times before and made it special.  I think I'll be buying a gold set too.  I'd like it to be more delicate than these.  I think sparkly nails would really make gold knuckle rings pop.


*Two of the photos featured in today's post were found in Google's stock photos.  I do not own the rights to those photos.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nike Sneakerboots

Winter is here, and as a fitness lover, I always have a pair of Nikes in close reach.  They are my favorite brand of sneaker at the moment since they don't hurt my feet after hours of wear, and support my feet!  Not many items in my wardrobe are as versatile as my Nikes, which have been with me through numerous airports, the streets of Europe, the streets of NY, the local country roads, many malls and Targets, food stores, and even in my purse on dates!  I travel with 3 pairs minimum, for ultimate comfort, and they are the first thing to get packed in my suitcase.  Then I got an email about Nike SneakerBoots, which sound like a must-have for this Jersey girl, who shovels her hilly driveway, days in a row, in wet, cold shoes, sometimes sliding down it with lose of traction.  They even come in a wedge!  I'm torn between 3 of the styles! ALL are on my wishlist!

I like the Max 1 in black and silver, and the Dunk Sky Hi in Dark Loden/Anthrocite/Raspberry Red!  That color name just sounds fun and daring all in one!  The Lunarelite Sky Hi in Deep Burgundy/Hyper Grape are so unique, I can picture them even with black leggings, while I run errands in the winter!  I can never decide what to wear on icy days, when there's a chance I'll be drudging through parking lots full of dirty snow mounds, because most black knee high boots don't have the thickest, warmest bottoms, and the grips are lacking!  These Nike Sneakerboots definitely solve that problem!
SCORE for comfort AND style!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Midi Skirts

 Nothing beats a wearable look that will probably be around for awhile.  Everyone loves maxi skirts but let's face it, all that voluminous fabric is sometimes a bit...much.  This is especially true if you have to iron yours or ride the carousel at the mall with your 2 year old.  Mini skirts are timeless but have their time place.  Again, take it from me that riding a carousel at the mall probably isn't the best place!  And this is why I am completely embracing midi skirts!  Midi skirts are everywhere for fall and winter of 2014.  They are very current, very now, and very wearable.

What are midi skirts, you ask?  A midi skirt is a skirt that ends anywhere from just below the knee to a few inches above the ankle.  They can be pencil style, A-line, circle, or very full.  Solid midi skirts are easy to mix and match but prints are fun to pair with too!  Midis are flattering to many body types and fuller styles are comfy on the go.  As a Mom, I try and wear clothes that I can move around in and I like circle midis because I can chase my kids and not worry about flashing too much if I have to bend down to pick up a dropped toy.

Here in NJ it's cold for what feels like half the year.  Midi skirts are perfect to layer with fleece tights, sweaters, and boots or booties for fall and winter.  The look below is one I am using for inspiration this season.  She looks cozy warm but still fun and flirty.

I have a feeling this look will stick around at least through the spring so a midi with a tank top or even a crop top will be a perfect transitional look into summer.  Isn't this adorable and so easy to throw on and go?  She looks pulled together, and effortless.  The print is interesting without being so small its lost in the fullness of the skirt.  I love the belt that accents her waist.  

I recently tried on a pencil midi and was surprised to see how long it made my legs look and gave me the illusion of length.  Anything to make my 5'2" frame look taller is good to me!  The fabric was plaid though, and not the most flattering for my shape, plus plaid just isn't my favorite, so I passed on it.  However, I am definitely going to be adding a pencil midi into my wardrobe.  So basically, I have decided that midis are the next best thing since sliced bread and maxi skirts.

What are your thoughts on midi skirts?


*Images are courtesy of Google search.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vitacost: take the cost out of healthy living

Eating healthy can be costly, but not eating healthy can come at a high cost, so I have made eating cleaner a priority.  I have tried my best to find affordable healthy foods, and my favorite place to online shop is Vitacost!  I found that the items I get often are a few dollars less on the website vs my local food stores, like the coconut oil I cook with, and raw honey I use daily.  Since I don't shop on a particular day each week, I can buy in advance, with no worry of running out of my staple items, like oatmeal for instance!  It appears on my doorstep super fast after placing my order too!  I have continuously purchased my plant based protein powder, and protein bars here as well!  Ordering food may be new to you, but there are a ton of natural beauty products available on the site too!  So far I have tried a pumpkin mask, and just received organic lavender lotion as well, which smells oh-so-delightful!  I cringe at shipping costs, but so far I have always gotten a free shipping deal, since the site is constantly having different promotional offers, all year long!  I actually received a skincare item in yesterday's delivery in error, and the customer service rep told me it was their mistake and to keep it as a gift!  Now that is great customer service!  Also, upon delivery, everything is separated by cardboard dividers, to keep chips from breaking, and in separate bags in case of spills, to ensure perfect arrival! The items I get won't go to waste, since they aren't perishable.
I highly recommend Vitacost!  Give it a try!
Use my link for $10 off your first Vitacost order!


*All items from Vitacost mentioned above were personally purchased and not sponsored by the company.

*Updated Jan. 20, 2015: 3rd pic added

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dance Fitness by Jessica

I'm a Mom.  And as a Mom, I always have way too many things to do, than I have time to do them!  Fitness is a priority in my life and I am always looking for ways to squeeze in exercise.  One of my Mom groups on Facebook was discussing this very topic and several Moms recommended Dance Fitness by Jessica videos on Youtube.  I love dance and so I checked out the videos.  They are approximately 4-5 minutes each, just the length of one radio song, and there are several available.  They each have over one hundred thousand views!  Each routine is a combination of dance, zumba moves, and calisthetics like squats.  The first one I tried was to “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry.  In the Dark Horse routine you do deep squats, abdominal rolls, kicks, and more squats.  By three minutes in I could feel my heart pumping and my thighs were definitely feeling it.  Aside from “Dark Horse,” I also like “Fireball" by Pitbull and “Na Na” by Trey Songz.  I’m hooked!  Just 3 of Jessica’s videos give my legs a decent workout in approximately 15 minutes.  They are fun to do and I haven’t become bored of them.  I highly recommend trying them out.  You can view them on Jessica’s Youtube Channel at  You can follow her on Facebook at and she has a workout DVD available on

This post is not endorsed by Dance Fitness by Jessica or Jessica Bass in any way.  This is an independent review.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Buff Butter

Peanut butter is one of my loves!  
I eat a lot of it, and blame it on the fact that I do so because I lift weights haha!  High protein and high fat yields a bittersweet debate in my head, but I just can't help it.  Once the spoon hits the jar, there's no stopping me at 2 tablespoons!  To change up my intake, I ordered Buff Butter!  The variety pack arrived, I couldn't just open one, so that day, and every day following, my routine included taking out 4 teaspoons, and unscrewing all 4 lids of all 4 flavors.  I had to sample them all to decide which I liked best!  Chocolate chip was my favorite, then Cranberry Coconut, Cinnamon Raisin, and then Snickerdoodle.  Protein packed treats are always welcome in my cupboard!


*All Buff Bake items mentioned above were personally purchased and not sponsored by the company.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

First Julep Box Review

3/24 Julep Box Product Review
I ordered my first Julep box on Monday, March 17.  I normally wouldn’t order nail products but the first box was free with the option to cancel any time thereafter, so I figured why not?  I wanted to see what all the hype was about!  It arrived in less than a week and was wrapped extra adorably.  It was like getting a present in the mail for no occasion and what’s better than that?!

Supposedly there are $40.00 of products in every Julep box.  Each box after your first free one costs $20.00.  My box had 2 nail polishes, Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum, and two tiny square smoothing boards.  The polishes were a metallic silver called Stevie and a navy blue color called Michelle.  Both of the colors are nice looking and I liked them.  My first impression was that I was glad I had not spent $20 on it and it does not seem to be a $40.00 value.  However, I was open minded. 
The polishes went on smoothly and seem to be good quality.  I was happy with them.  Still not sure if the whole box was worth the price tag but it was fun to get a surprise.  The Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum are used twice a day for two weeks and then once a week for “maintenance” according to the box.  I will post an update of The Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum after using it for two weeks so be sure to check back! 

Update! The Mighty Nail and Cuticle Serum did work.  My nails were moisturized and my cuticles did look better.  To be honest I am not sure if it was from the Serum or if any moisturizer used regularly for two weeks would have done the same thing.  I will say that it is amazingly easy and fast to apply though.  I loved that it was instantly absorbed.   I won' t be purchasing Julep's Might Nail and Cuticle Serum again but I will enjoy the product until it runs out.

I purchased this beauty box for my own use.  This review is not endorsed by Julep or any other company.


Sieze The Day and Try Ballet

This morning I seized the day! Carpe diem!  I took an adult ballet class today!  I love all types of dance but ballet is probably my favorite.  Did you know that ballet is the foundation of all dance and furthermore, many athletes take ballet classes?  From an athletic standpoint, ballet helps with strength, flexibility, and body awareness.  Conversely, from a personal growth view, ballet also helps with poise, grace, and memory.  
I haven't taken a ballet class since I graduated high school *ahem* ten years ago (ok, really 14 but don't tell!) and I have always wanted to do back.  Today I did.  It was awesome!  Sure, I had fun and loved the dancing, but my hip flexors and thighs are still shaking from exertion over an hour later.  
If you have never taken a ballet class then you should know that they are all basically consist of the same things.  First, there is a warm up with exercises completed at the barre.  These exercises not only warm up your muscles but work your flexibility.  The barre work increases in difficulty as the class progresses and works your leg muscles to lengthen and stretch them. After the barre work there will be dance steps in the center of the room.  Turns and jumps are usually practiced next,  Finally there will be a combination of steps and jumps set to music.  The combination will be several stanzas long and challenges a dancers memory too.  
Even if you aren't graceful, or don't feel graceful, ballet is a good workout.  I recommend trying it if you never have.  Step out of your comfort zone!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Yoga Pant Evolution

There are a lot of girls who wake up and put on yoga pants.  They might own one pair or multiple pairs, but they are worn...a lot, with no intention of doing any yoga.  Who cares, they’re super comfy!  

That was then, and I have since changed my tune, initially because my yoga pants shrunk up, and I went from adorable comfy girl in a pony, to dork with short pants that faded to a grayish black that made her butt look bigger.  Now I wake up and put on actual running leggings, also known as, workout pants!  I started doing this, so I would have one less excuse not to workout or go to the gym.  It’s worked for me so far!  There are some days I don't do anything, but most days it’s one less step to getting into the gym, all because of one comment.  My neighbor once asked me if I had come from the gym, and I said," no, these pants are just really stretchy.”  The look that precluded left me in such embarrassment that I convinced myself if I had the clothes on, I had to have either just gone or are going to the gym.  They say if you think something enough, it will take place, so yoga pants led me to the power of the Secret by Rhonda Byrne, or the movie Field of Dreams, “if you build it, it will come."  Whatever your take, yoga pants have revolutionized my every day because that comfort led me to buy my first pair of non yoga workout pants.  All of my yoga pants shrunk anyway hitting above the ankle bone, and with the flare that looks so great on tall models, I felt like Jan Brady in Cindy’s pants after Alice mixed up the wash.  Hence, black leggings were purchased, and eventually runner's leggings.  I won’t use the word spandex, but my stretch pants, aka leggings, are tight at the ankle, and the short capri version is in style too, so raise your protein shake to my revolutionized style of yoga pants!
(We will save men's gym wear for another day!)  

The more I wore my workout attire, the more I went to the gym.  I mean getting there is the hardest part!  The more I went to the gym or did my fitness videos in my family room, the more it became a definite in my routine.  Just as I have tripped at work from my heels getting stuck in my pant cuff, I have also tripped on a treadmill from the toe of my sneaker getting caught on the bottom of my yoga pants.  Also, gym-goers know you can’t wear a baggy shirt because the loose fabric gets all stuck when trying to move weights and then my earphones fall out, and I just end up giving up and leaving all because of a wardrobe malfunction due to my boyfriend's t-shirt.   Who am I kidding, MY xl t-shirt.  So the fitted clothes won, plus I didn't want to look frumpy in baggy gym clothes all day.  That only looks cute on high school girls who just came from practice and make calf high socks with adidas grandpa sandals look cool.  I decided to start matching my shirts and shoes to my non yoga pants.  Now that I walk around in matching spandex, NO I didn't just admit to wearing spandex, I mean matching trendy workout gear, I can't wait to get to the gym!  I no longer can say, I can’t go out, I’m still in my yoga pants.  What I SHOULD do is pass out my shrunken used-to-be-black yoga pants outside of Wal-mart as a complimentary gift.  That’s how much I no longer miss my yoga pants.  I used to think I couldn’t wear clothes specifically made for working out because they would push in and give me a muffin top , but to my surprise, they suction me in many inches, if I get the right material that is!  I still have the pair I just had to have, but when I bend down to pick up a weight, they boomerang down and  I have to keep touching my butt to check and see if they fell off yet.  They are so comfy, I wouldn’t know if they did!  Now I know, the tigher the better!  (I just pull them way up over the muffin top.)  Problem solved, until I pick up that weight and they slide down and I become self-conscious of a role, but my hands are full, so I try to do a rep, suck in, do a rep, suck in.  No that doesn't work.  You can’t suck in while lifting.  It’s like peeing and sneezing.  You just can’t!

All in all, my days of matching velour track suits evolved to yoga pants and tees,  then to workout pants and tanks.  Who knows what's in store next!  

Actually the pros have been sportin' some one piece leotards as they workout.  There's no way!  Although they do say, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Hmmm...


Sunday, March 23, 2014


Think positive,
be positive,
 and positive things will happen.


Michelle and Erin met at a party where we realized we were the best dressed there!  Just kidding, we met through a mutual friend (at her party) and a few Pinterest 'pins' led us to a good friendship!

Our photos are adorned with flowers to represent the strength of 2 strong girls.
Michelle's pink flower signifies breast cancer in memory of her mom, Lissa.
Erin's royal blue flower signifies colon cancer in memory of her mom, Pat.

Breast and colon cancers are 2 of  the few preventable cancers, so go get screened!
Get your mammogram and your colonoscopy, and have your parents do the same!

Our friendship began with our love of fashion, fitness, and all things fun!

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