Sunday, March 23, 2014


Think positive,
be positive,
 and positive things will happen.


Michelle and Erin met at a party where we realized we were the best dressed there!  Just kidding, we met through a mutual friend (at her party) and a few Pinterest 'pins' led us to a good friendship!

Our photos are adorned with flowers to represent the strength of 2 strong girls.
Michelle's pink flower signifies breast cancer in memory of her mom, Lissa.
Erin's royal blue flower signifies colon cancer in memory of her mom, Pat.

Breast and colon cancers are 2 of  the few preventable cancers, so go get screened!
Get your mammogram and your colonoscopy, and have your parents do the same!

Our friendship began with our love of fashion, fitness, and all things fun!

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