Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brown lipstick? Think again

I have had my eye on LimeCrime's Cashmere lipstick since it was released, but couldn't spend the $20 on it.

It's a taupy brown color, and reminds me of opening my Christmas stocking as a child.  Every year, without fail, I would receive nail polishes and lip sticks, and almost always my mom would give me lipsticks in a light brown color and a cinnamon color.  I remember wearing those colors daily in 7th grade and again in 10th when I was more into makeup. 

Over the past decade I thought those colors looked odd on me and hadn't touched them.  I did a makeup clean out last year and only then parted with my stocking stuffers because, let's just say they most likely expired since the 90s and may have smelled a little funny.

I came across MAC lipsticks and lip pencils in Stone and Spice within the last few months, but again would not pay the price, especially when some creme lipsticks can make my dry lips look drier.

Michele told me Ulta was having a sale so I took a risk and purchsed 2 Ulta brand lipsticks.  I chose colors similar to the MAC colors I desired Stone and Spice, but they aren't true dups nor did I want them to be.  I prefer the subtlty of the Ulta colors rather than the bolder MAC colors I was inspired by.  I bought Sweet Mocha 260 and  Bronzed Beauty 261.

I applied Sweet Mocha, which applies more brown than the mauve color it appears to be in the photo.  I stepped back and was amazed how much it changed my entire makeup look. It created a sophisticated look paired with neutral eyeshadows, and I just adored it.  It now stays in my purse so I can take it wherever I go.  I can't wait to pair Bronzed Beauty with my new MakeUpGeek foiled shadow Flame Thrower I mentioned HERE to create a copper bronzed look to wear with brown fall boots, or an olive or navy outfit. 

Brown lipstick had me fooled!  Once applied, Sweet Mocha is just dark enough to cover my natural lip color, but also not too dark of a brown.

Sweet Mocha (top), Bronzed Beauty (bottom)

I liked the formula of Ulta brand's lipsticks too, as it stayed through hours of conversation during date night.  I usually stick to what I know, but now I recommend and will repurchase Ulta brand lipsticks!  Thanks Michelle for the suggestion!


*No products mentioned above were endorsed.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lauren Conrad Leggings

Being two weeks post partum is both invigorating and disheartening.  My body is finally starting to feel like my own again, but it certainly isn't looking like the one I used to have yet.  Dressing your post partum body is frustrating and sometimes even depressing.  Maternity clothes are too big, your old clothes are much too small, and purchasing a wardrobe of clothes in the sizes in between isn't really feasible.  So what's a new mom to do?

Leggings and layers.

The answer is definitely leggings and layers.  Thankfully that's doable in Fall!  Specifically Lauren Conrad leggings from Kohls.

My love affair with leggings goes way back.  I probably own 20 pairs of leggings, not including yoga pants and workout pants.  I wear leggings year round and almost everywhere.  Some people like jeans but I prefer leggings as a staple in my wardrobe.

I hadn't tried Lauren Conrad leggings yet but in a desperate moment the other day, I grabbed some at Kohls without trying them on.  I put them on later that day and was so happy with my purchase.  They are comfortable, high waisted enough to smooth out some of the post baby lumps and bumps and thick enough not to worry about when I move around.

I loved them so much that I went back the next day for another pair.  At $10 each they are well worth it and available in several colors and prints!  I have been pairing them with comfy sneakers for fall, long tank tops, and cardigan sweaters.  Layers are key for Fall weather around here.  These leggings will transition into colder months with boots and sweaters too.  I am happy to have found them and will probably buy a size down when I lose some of the baby weight.  There are tons of leggings options available, I wouldn't recommend a specific one if I didn't love them!

I was even wearing my LC polka dot leggings as I wrote this post at Panera.  I love them that much!


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Friday, September 25, 2015


Lipstick is one of my favorite things in the world.  When I am having a bad day then I take a moment, put my lipstick on, pour another cup of coffee, and handle whatever needs handling.  One of my all time favorite quotes is by Elizabeth Taylor and it is "Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together."  I abide by her advice and after I put my lipstick on, I always feel better.

I need to have a print like this one made to hang on my bedroom wall.  I just adore it and it is so true!

Earlier this week I was having a tough day.  I went through my usual routine of coffee, lipstick, and getting myself together.  I ran errands with all three of my kids, including my newborn.  I was tired after being up all night and stressed about a couple different things.  I had chosen one of my favorite lipsticks, Super Hot, by Sephora Collection and is one of their Rouge Cream Lipsticks.  I had applied it quickly in the car, without any primer or lip pencil and only wearing minimal other makeup.  I was delighted when I got back in the car after three busy hours and my lipstick still looked great.

I was so tired but I had to stop and take a selfie to document the awesomeness of the moment.  Forgive my crazy hair and under eye circles please!  Having a newborn is exhausting but at least it's nice to know that my lipstick still looked fab.

I definitely recommend Sephora Collections Rouge Cream Lipstick and am purchasing more today.  I am a huge fan!


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*Photos courtesy of the blogger.  This was not a sponsored review

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fashion premiere of philanthropic lifestyle brand KARMA FOR A CURE® during NYFW

Prepare yourself for this debut!

Fashion designer and owner of KARMA FOR A CURE®  Margaux Minutolo presented her SS16 Jet Set Collection during New York Fashion Week at an event held Thursday, Sept. 17th.  I was among many who could not wait to get a glimpse of the new collection!  

KARMA FOR A CURE® Founder Margaux was inspired by her father's battle with cancer to create a brand that celebrated his life of travel, adventure, and good karma.  Margaux's brand has evolved from an artsy awareness t-shirt to a full lifestyle collection of clothing for the adventurer, escapist, girl on the go. The contemporary collection of neutral knits is relaxed, transitional and chic, ready to voyage from jet-set to surf-side - made to explore the world with you as you sprinkle positivity along your journey through life.  The brand's mission is to create positive social impact in honor of Margaux's father.

To start off by saying this new fashion line blew me away is an understatement.  Margaux presented her line with a display of live models who adorned a few of her 21 new garments, which paired perfectly with her healing halos and handmade headpieces.

KARMA FOR A CURE® held the premiere at Hotel Chantelle in collaboration with cocktail app Hooch, as well as a live performance by European DJ Raffael De Luca.  The turnout to view SSFW in the hotel lobby scene she created with vintage suitcases was exceptional, and I expect no less from this up and coming designer whose forward thinking brings the element of surprise everywhere she goes.

This standout piece caught my eye!
Cut-Out Maxi is the most versatile maxi.

The Diamond Print Dress and
Bonefish Sweaterare knockouts to add to your SS16 wardrobe.

Margaux's SS16 Jet Set Collection is refreshing, and wearable, and I will be ordering multiple pieces to travel with next Spring.  I found KARMA FOR A CURE®'s Jet Set Collection SS16 to be practical for girls on the move, and the pieces are versatile enough to add to your suitcase no matter the trip!  These quality garments are neutral essentials for any chic jet-setting woman.
Although not available until Spring 2016, inquire about pre-ordering at info@karmaforacure.com

Watch an exclusive video of the NYFW event at www.KarmaForACure.com.


Photo credit belongs to MoonCultureFilms

Monday, September 21, 2015

More MUG eyeshadows!

My 'special delivery' arrived!  I got my anxiously awaited package in the mail! 

I first mentioned MakeupGeek (MUG) eyeshadows here!  The blend-ability still impresses me!

I decided to order 8 more, since I was missing a few essential base and crease colors.

I had to get the foil shadow called Flame Thrower, to create a copper look this season!

I bought:
Beaches and Cream
Ice Queen
Flame Thrower (foiled shadow)
Barcelona Beach
Crème Brulee

with flash

without flash

I rearranged my Z palette and created labels, so I can remember which ones my YouTube beauty gurus recommend for different looks I try to achieve!

Peach Smoothie is another fan favorite, but a little too peachy orange for my skin tone and preference so Beaches and Cream was a lighter and softer option. I can't wait to try some more neutral looks for fall with this palette.

The regular shadows are $5.99 each! I got one on sale for $2.99 too! The foiled shadows are $9.99, and remind me of the look of MAC pigments but cost less and aren't nearly as messy!
MakeUp Geek products can be bought on my affiliate link here!
*Photos courtesy of blogger.  Products mentioned were personally purchased and not endorsed.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

MUF HD Microfinish Powder vs City Color HD Powder

My skin changed after I had kids and up until recently I was  looking for a good finishing powder to wear over my CK One foundation. I hadn't found a favorite until earlier this year when I started wearing Make Up Forever's HD Microfinish Powder.  It's easy to apply, makes my makeup last, and keeps my nose from becoming shiny as the day goes on.  It is great and I wear it almost everyday.  I would have been completely loyal and not tried any other finishing powders but ipsy sent me a sample of City Color's HD Powder and now I am completely sold on it!  It looks, feels, and works just as well as Make Up Forever's but is a fraction of the price!  You had me at "bargain!"

Both City Color HD Powder and Make Up Forever HD Powder are applied with a large, fluffy blush.  They are both equally long wearing on me, easily blendable, and easy to touch up if needed.  I rarely touch mine up though!  My favorite thing about both is that they don't show up as shimmer or white in pictures.  Many white finishing powders show in photos and that is always a fear of mine.  Thankfully these both passed the picture test!

The container for the Make Up Forever powder is very heavy and bulky.  It's a pain to carry in my purse because it is so unwieldy.  The City Color Powder container is much more lightweight and easy to travel with.  The mesh cover inside the Make Up Forever's powder container does help ensure it doesn't spill or that I don't put too much on my brush at once.  That would be a nice feature for the City Color Powder to have but maybe it does on the full size container.  Their website didn't disclose that detail.  Either way that wouldn't convince me to purchase the more expensive one.

In this picture you can see that the City Color HD Powder would be easier to spill.

The Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder is $34 at Sephora.  There are 8.5 grams in the container.   The City Color HD Powder is $5.99 on The City Color website and there are 7 grams in the container.  Likely, I will have to pay shipping for City Color HD Powder, but even then it will still work out to be cheaper than the Make Up Forever version.

I am absolutely sold on the City Color HD Powder.  I would recommend and repurchase the Make Up Forever version, but given the choice I will choose the City Color one all the way!  With all that money saved I can also buy another product to try.  Yay!


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*This is a non sponsored review.  All photos are courtesy of the blogger.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Flare Jeans

My cousin told me years ago to donate my flare jeans.  She did so, but I just couldn't!

I remember driving myself to the mall, with my brand new driver's license and strolling through the mall visiting Contempo Casual and Wet Seal.  It's funny what I used to think about when I shopped vs. what I think about now.  I used to think about the girls at school and what they wore and what they'd think of my new trendy outfit from the hippest stores aside from Hot Topic.  Now I don't think of anyone, anyone that I actually know anyway.  I think of pinterest photos that inspire me and my virtual YouTube friends, but mostly I think of what I like and what I would pair it with.  I hoped to get odd comments because I meant I was staying true to my unique and one of a kind style, only slightly inspired by the popular trends of the season.  I remember buying my Paris Blue jeans that I saved up cash from my part time jobs to purchase.  They were size 7 flare with 3 buttons and the cool brand logo on the back waist line.  I wore this pair all the way through college.  I started wearing them with black low combat type boots with thick soles, totally back in style now by the way, but this was circa 1998.  I also wore them with white soled black Sketcher sneakers, then in college Adidas sneakers.  I had no fashion sense whatsoever in college.  I have a photo of me at a frat party in a shiny metallic blue button down.  Interview vs. party, what was I thinking?

Those flare jeans were in before jeans ever were tucked into boots.  The knee boot phenomenon that took over the world is what lowered the demand for flare jeans.  Skinny jeans worked much better than folding your flares and stuffing them into your boots which created a bulge out the top of the boot because just under the knee the jeans were flared and not fitted.  Not flattering at all.  I kept my flares for 2 reasons, memories of my youth and sneakers!  I have been a sneaker girl through cheerleading sneakers; back to school sneakers that I wore with slouch socks (2 colors) and tight cuff roll jeans; track sneakers; to gym sneakers.  Now, I have more heels than I can count, but sneakers are my typical shoe.  Sneakers and skinny jeans can look bulky so I had to keep the flare cut jeans.  Boot cut are okay but never fit me right.  I no longer have my Paris Blues flares, but  held onto some others and last year I bought flares for $6 because no one wanted them.  I have a few that need hemming but now I have an assortment just in time for Fall 2016.  Flares are back baby!  I'm not a fan of the full on 70s trends approaching us or spring summer boho look that is winding down, even though I have the perfect flat hair to look like Jan Brady and if I part it in the middle and add a flower headband and the right Instagram filter I could pass as a flower child in a heartbeat.  Flares can look elegant and classy too with a black button down, or a blazer, or even a moto jacket, or duster jacket.  Flares make the thighs look slim, and if you have chunky heeled boots or stiletto pointed heels peaking out from the flare, you just added miles to your legs!

This is why I don't throw out my clothes.  Although, I did part with my Bongo jeans from the store 5,7,9, so I will happily be out of luck when tight cuff jeans are back.  I still have my skinnies since I 100% love over the knee boots, but flares please stick around!




Will you rock flares this season?

*Products mentioned were personally purchased and not sponsored by the company and all opinions are those of the blogger.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ulta Matte Lip Cream Review

I know that I have written a lot about lipstick and Ulta recently.  I hope you aren't tired of hearing about them but I can't help it.  I just love both so much!  My newest favorite product is the Ulta Matte Lip Cream.  It is very pigmented, lasts well, and doesn't dry my lips out.  I love the burst of color it gives.  

While I do recommend this product, there was a bit of a learning curve with its application.  The lip cream is applied with a wand like a lip gloss but it is easy to over do.  You have to make sure to wipe off the excess before applying it.  I like to use the applicator tip to line my lips before  filling them in.  The next step is critical!  Let it dry before before applying a second coat!  The first coat should be a thin coat and it has to settle before you add more otherwise it bleeds.  Once the second coat is dry then I layer clear moisturizing balm over the top.  The balm seems to help keep it from settling in my lip's creases and keeps it looking fresher longer.

The shade I am wearing is called brilliant.  It's kind of an electric orange color.  As a redhead, I wasn't sure that an orange-y red would ever be an option but I am quite happy to have found this one!


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