Friday, November 13, 2015

Jumpsuit Journey

Jumpsuits have been in for awhile now and I have been lusting after one!  I think they are so chic and so easy to dress.  I am a huge Project Runway fan and there have been so many cute jumpsuits on recent seasons.  "Kelly From The Deli" who was runner up this past season, season 14, made so many cute, funky jumpsuits and reawakened my semi dormant jumpsuit dream.

In my last post ( read it here ) I talked about trying to find an outfit with bell sleeves and was partly interested in a romper with a bell sleeve.  Well, my search for a romper in the Fall in NJ ultimately led me also trying on jumpsuits.  Prior to this month, I had all but given up on jumpsuits.  I had tried on too many to count without finding one that was right.  Project Runway was fresh in my mind and I was trying to stuff anyway so I figured "why not?" and tried on a few.  As usual, they weren't fitting.  My body is still a weird size and I am petite, only 5'2", so it's hard to find pieces that aren't too long without needing major alterations.

Lo and behold, as I was leaving the mall empty handed, an 80% off sign at Macy's caught my eye.  I stopped to glance through the rack just in case and grabbed a couple dresses to try on.  At that point I was desperate!  I also grabbed two jumpsuits.  I didn't check labels or prices.  At that point as long as it fit and looked ok then it was going home with me.

It was a miracle!  One of the jumpsuits fit me perfectly!  It didn't need hemming, is comfortable, and flatters my changing body.  I actually did a happy dance in the fitting room.  The jumpsuit is by Nicole Miller from her Nicole line.  It was marked down to $15.99!

I ended up wearing it to the wedding I attended in California.  I didn't get many good pictures of myself but here is the best:

I planned on wearing black, patent leather heels but at the last minute switched to sandals because the ceremony was outdoors in a grassy area.  I was afraid of tripping while holding my baby if I wore heels.  i don't think the sandals are awful-  I just always think heels are better!  I accessorized with a sparkly headband from Forever 21 and my sparkliest earrings.  A necklace would have been good too but impossible with a baby.  My lipstick is Mac's Russian Red which is one of their matte shades.  I really like it.


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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Thanks to Michelle's extensive wardrobe and dance background, my Halloween costume came together easily because of her!  It was an easy DYI low budget costume, and gave me a reason to wear an overload of pink!

One of my Beachbody friends posted a link for how to screen print here!  I bought the supplies I needed at Michael's, and gave it a try!

As for my makeup, I first applied the NYX stick in Milk, and added MakeUpGeek's shadow in  Ice Queen.  I added pink NYX lipliner as on my eyes and muted it with pink Loreal shadows.  The final touch of LimeCrime velveteen liquid lipstick in pink velvet topped off the look!  It stayed on so well I woke up with it still on, even after a shower!  I wrote about this lipstick here!

Did you guess my costume yet?  I was Workout Barbie!

Since I'm a health coach for a living, I thought it was fitting, but I also thought of it on a deeper level.  You see, Barbie can be anything she wants to be.  How many different Barbie's did you have growing up?  THIS latest controversial ad really struck me, but not as controversial.  I found it empowering.  The very reason I took the leap to become a Beachbody coach came to mind, and this ad stands behind my beliefs that a person can be anything he or she wants to be and should not conform to society's beliefs.  I coach for my love of helping people.  I coach because I can decide my own goals and reach them for myself.  I coach to make my own rules.  If you are open to hearing about an opportunity to do the same, to be present at home with your family, to make a financial contribution to your family and their future, to be inspirational, to be healthy and get paid to do so, to be your own boss, my team will welcome you!  Check us out HERE!  I coach to achieve happiness in the one life I was given.  I coach to make a difference and leave a legacy, just like Barbie.


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