Tuesday, September 20, 2016

All Aboard NY Fashion Week Event

The night of Monday September 12th was filled with more than the typical hustle and bustle of New York because it was New York Fashion Week! I arrived at Pier 81, conveniently next to the ferry I hitched a ride from across the Hudson River to attend the Chasing Sunsets 2017 Fashion Show. I boarded a 160ft yacht, known as the "Fish Bar," in honor of the brand's designer Margaux's father Freddy and his love for the ocean, fishing, and travel.  Every guest was adorned in trendy New York fashion, both daring yet simple, showcasing each attendees individual style. I took in every sight and sound of the city as the sun was slowly setting. Back home, Michelle and I are the only out-of-the box-ers, risking fashion trends that stand out from the ordinary within our circle of friends in the country towns where we reside.  On Monday night, my eyes widened with delight as I saw individualism and personality all around me, including what I call hammer pants paired with pointy toe stilettos, a high waisted tea length circle skirt paired with a sheer cami and caged chunky heeled booties, and more unique pairings which add to New York's lively energy. After checking in with the guest list attendee, we were escorted on board and toured the 3 level yacht. We settled in at the bar listening to a live singer, hired just for the event.  We were enjoying the ambiance where we were anxious to get the first ever look at the Spring Summer 2017 collection by clothing brand Karma For A Cure by Margaux.  I have multiple items from Karma's SS16 line and the soft high quality fabrics are ever-lasting.  Her Fall/Winter 2016 should soon be available at www.KarmaForACure.com come October and I will be checking daily for it's arrival, as well as checking boutiques that carry the elevated resort-wear made to set sail and chase the sun. The event was hosted by Hooch, and after the show, we gathered on the top deck as the yacht set sail for a tour of the beautiful New York skyline.  With wine in hand, the city lights shined bright, & it was an exquisite event with exquisite fashion.  Take a look!

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