Monday, July 14, 2014

Yoga Pant Evolution

There are a lot of girls who wake up and put on yoga pants.  They might own one pair or multiple pairs, but they are worn...a lot, with no intention of doing any yoga.  Who cares, they’re super comfy!  

That was then, and I have since changed my tune, initially because my yoga pants shrunk up, and I went from adorable comfy girl in a pony, to dork with short pants that faded to a grayish black that made her butt look bigger.  Now I wake up and put on actual running leggings, also known as, workout pants!  I started doing this, so I would have one less excuse not to workout or go to the gym.  It’s worked for me so far!  There are some days I don't do anything, but most days it’s one less step to getting into the gym, all because of one comment.  My neighbor once asked me if I had come from the gym, and I said," no, these pants are just really stretchy.”  The look that precluded left me in such embarrassment that I convinced myself if I had the clothes on, I had to have either just gone or are going to the gym.  They say if you think something enough, it will take place, so yoga pants led me to the power of the Secret by Rhonda Byrne, or the movie Field of Dreams, “if you build it, it will come."  Whatever your take, yoga pants have revolutionized my every day because that comfort led me to buy my first pair of non yoga workout pants.  All of my yoga pants shrunk anyway hitting above the ankle bone, and with the flare that looks so great on tall models, I felt like Jan Brady in Cindy’s pants after Alice mixed up the wash.  Hence, black leggings were purchased, and eventually runner's leggings.  I won’t use the word spandex, but my stretch pants, aka leggings, are tight at the ankle, and the short capri version is in style too, so raise your protein shake to my revolutionized style of yoga pants!
(We will save men's gym wear for another day!)  

The more I wore my workout attire, the more I went to the gym.  I mean getting there is the hardest part!  The more I went to the gym or did my fitness videos in my family room, the more it became a definite in my routine.  Just as I have tripped at work from my heels getting stuck in my pant cuff, I have also tripped on a treadmill from the toe of my sneaker getting caught on the bottom of my yoga pants.  Also, gym-goers know you can’t wear a baggy shirt because the loose fabric gets all stuck when trying to move weights and then my earphones fall out, and I just end up giving up and leaving all because of a wardrobe malfunction due to my boyfriend's t-shirt.   Who am I kidding, MY xl t-shirt.  So the fitted clothes won, plus I didn't want to look frumpy in baggy gym clothes all day.  That only looks cute on high school girls who just came from practice and make calf high socks with adidas grandpa sandals look cool.  I decided to start matching my shirts and shoes to my non yoga pants.  Now that I walk around in matching spandex, NO I didn't just admit to wearing spandex, I mean matching trendy workout gear, I can't wait to get to the gym!  I no longer can say, I can’t go out, I’m still in my yoga pants.  What I SHOULD do is pass out my shrunken used-to-be-black yoga pants outside of Wal-mart as a complimentary gift.  That’s how much I no longer miss my yoga pants.  I used to think I couldn’t wear clothes specifically made for working out because they would push in and give me a muffin top , but to my surprise, they suction me in many inches, if I get the right material that is!  I still have the pair I just had to have, but when I bend down to pick up a weight, they boomerang down and  I have to keep touching my butt to check and see if they fell off yet.  They are so comfy, I wouldn’t know if they did!  Now I know, the tigher the better!  (I just pull them way up over the muffin top.)  Problem solved, until I pick up that weight and they slide down and I become self-conscious of a role, but my hands are full, so I try to do a rep, suck in, do a rep, suck in.  No that doesn't work.  You can’t suck in while lifting.  It’s like peeing and sneezing.  You just can’t!

All in all, my days of matching velour track suits evolved to yoga pants and tees,  then to workout pants and tanks.  Who knows what's in store next!  

Actually the pros have been sportin' some one piece leotards as they workout.  There's no way!  Although they do say, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Hmmm...