Thursday, July 30, 2015

Platform Sandals

I saw a trend forming 16 hours before it arrived in America.

What I mean by that is I watched my fellow blogger and YouTube friends in Australia wear this fashion statement while I was nestled on my couch under blankets watching Pretty Little Liars & snow fall.  The upcoming summer trends debuted in Australia at the same time, during their summer.

I saw it.  I thought about it.  I liked the simple clean lines.  I didn't like the chunky wide appearance at first.  I did like the combo of the classic look and edgy look, if that's not an oxy moron!  I kept the look in the back of my mind, wondering if all trends really do make it to the US.

It's funny because one of my first pair of high heels, which still sit in my closet, fit the bill.  I must go try them on now, just for giggles if anything!  They were a black chunk heel round toe Mary Jane looking heel with a thin black strip over the top of my foot.  I had a solid pair but this pair I kept is more satin with a criss cross round toe.

I wore them to I think the dinner cruise on my 8th grade Washington DC trip.  I paired them with a black dressy overall-like jumpsuit and a white lace top.  the white lace top (and shoes) I still have because it's one of the few clothing items I still have that my mom had picked out and brought home for me.  Basically this entire outfit, both overalls and jumpsuits as well as lace have made an encore the past couple years.  I was so on trend and didn't even know it!  I found a pic of the outfit with different shoes it seems, but I thought I'd share.
Easter 1995 (age 13/14)

The Australian trend I saw appearing last winter though was the thick strapped shoe in usually black and sometimes white, with a platform adding much appreciated height!  Teh platform is less streamlined but has grown on me.  Here's an example in gold which I have been eyeing here just for their uniqueness.  I have loved gold throughout the 90s when it was not cool and silver was in.  Golden hues make me happy.

By Design Lab sold at Lord n Taylor (link above)
photo found on pinterest

Can't you picture it with denim and a white top with long gold chain?

Here are two other popular style this season with different looks, one more dressy and one more boho which I picture with a maxi dress if it's your style.  The latter is a little too Pee Wee Herman for me. I  also need an arch to my shoes at my age, but so many feet out there aren't bothered by flat hard soles.  Which pair would you wear?

Found on here                                                            Found at Asos here

I actually purchased these a year or two ago and couldn't return them because of Forever 21's horrendous return policy.  They weigh a ton!

Here is a pair I found at Marshalls this season that I am excited about!  They are a little more timeless than the trendy gold ones above I'm considering purchasing, but have the thick strap similarity.  Patent leather is like nails on a chalkboard to some people, but it's a clean put together look and I like it!  High five to wedges too!

By Adrienne Vittadini

Do you like this Australian sandal style?

*Products mentioned were personally purchased and not sponsored.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Denim Jumpsuits Are Always a NO

Over the past few weeks I have seen two women wearing denim jumpsuits.  I firmly believe that denim should be reserved only for jeans and denim jackets.  Maybe an occasional vest or overalls if you can pull them off but that's it.  Denim dresses, or even chambray dresses are almost always hideous.  Denim jumpsuits are just plain awful.  Why, for the love of fashion, why?!

Both Forever 21 and Asos have denim jumpsuits available right now.  I have been loving jumpsuits but denim with a jumpsuit looks silly to me.  It's too much.

The top one, by Asos, at least attempted to give a flattering silhouette with a drawstring waist.  The lower one, available at Forever 21, is boring and looks like it should be sold as a painter's outfit.

I'm sorry to be blunt, but I just can't stand denim jumpsuits.  

Apparently denim on denim is back in.  I am not going to lie, this look makes me cringe.  Jeans with matching jean jackets look like a uniform gone bad.  Mismatched denim is a touch better but tricky to do.  I say just steer clear completely.


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Friday, July 24, 2015

A trend to "watch"

Have you noticed that watches are back in fashion?  I am loving seeing all the different varieties and that this trend is both classic and all encompassing.  I stopped wearing a watch when I started carrying my cell phone everywhere, and I am sure that was the case for most Americans.  Technology took over and we lost the simplicity and timelessness of watches.  Anyway, I am glad they are back!

Usually I don't discuss men's fashion as much as women's.  Why? Men's doesn't always change quickly enough for me nor do men usually take as many risks as women.  Watches, however, look to be one way that men can express themselves without worrying about looking silly.

Men's watches are back in several styles and I foresee men's watches being a hugely gifted item for the holidays this year.  G shock watches, classic styles with clean lines, and Steam Punk inspired watches that show the inner workings are all popular.
I love this one from Fossil.  It's part of their Modern Machine collection and an affordable $185.00 on the Fossil website.  I like the details and that it isn't overdone or ostentatious.  You could wear it with jeans or dress it up further for a business meeting.  I don't generally like leather watch bands but this one works well all together.

This classic Sentry Chrono by Nixon is gorgeous.  Black never goes out of style and this watch can be worn for years.  
Lastly for the men's watches, check out this super fun Bumble Bee Transformers watch!  I would not usually gravitate to a yellow watch band for most men, but this is Bumble Bee!  I love the cleverness displayed here.  If interested, this beauty is about $5,500.00 and by Memorgin.  It would be a fun gift.

Women's watches are whimsical, colorful, and have unexpected touches.  Classics are, of course, always in style and paired with bracelets for an update.  I think every women needs a classic style watch along with something more fun that represents her personality.
This classic Nixon in shades of brown with gold accents is timeless and beautiful.  I love it paired with pearls and bangles.  The bracelets give it an extra feminine twist.

Everyone knows that black and white is my favorite color combination and I wear a ton of it.  I love this Kate Spade watch which is available at Macy's.  The gold accents are pretty and the scallops are girly.  It's fresh but is a look that is also classic.

This would be the perfect watch for me!  I am always running late no matter how hard I try not to be.  Again, leather bands aren't  necessary my thing but this is adorable and available on

Fossil has cute bracelet style watches too!  My wrists are small so sometimes I like bracelet style watches that aren't overwhelming.  I think it would be cute with bracelets or even a leather cuff.
I'll be continuing to "watch" the watches trend and will be gifting at least one watch later this year.  Which watch style is your favorite?


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*Photos courtesy of Fossil,,, Nixon, and Memorgin.  All were viewed on

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pads & Tampons Be Gone

I remember seeing an email or article going around years ago about not using maxi pads or tampons because of the chemicals on the cotton material.  I never thought much about it at the time.  Over the past year, I have switched to clean eating, avoiding chemicals and processed foods with great effort, which has led to the norm and feels like no effort at all.  More recently, I have also switched some cleaning products and more importantly because it enters my tissues and organs thorough my skin, I have switched to healthier alternatives to skincare.  My healthy deodorant review is here.

I know there are so many factors of my day and surroundings that are out of my control and therefore I am absorbing poisons daily, but I want to avoid even more exposure whenever I can, with the things that I can control.  I thought more about the toxins entering my body directly through my soft tissues every single month, and realized that since I put so much effort into avoiding harmful chemicals orally and through my skin, I needed to be more open minded about letting go of the stereotypical thoughts I had toward handling my monthly nuisance.

I ordered the Lunette, also called a Diva Cup.   I have yet to bear children so I ordered the smaller of the two sizes.  I received a purple silicone cup, and boiled it as the directions suggested. I read how to pinch it and insert it, and read to definitely use both hands when removing.  It was $40 but I knew it was a one time cost and would save me money over the years of not buying the cotton products if I could only convince myself to give it a real shot.

The first month I did not like it.  I gave it another try, because I honestly didn't like the alternative either.  The amount of times I was out of the house longer than expected and unprepared had caused so much unnecessary anxiety in the past, I wanted to try this approach.  A few months later, I loved it.  It became easier, quicker, more comfortable, and more convenient with no time restraints if I'm at someone else's house with an empty garbage or out and about.  I also don't have to wait for the start on Day 1.  I can insert the morning it's expected with no issues.

I can now wear white jeans 30 days a month if I want!  For health reasons, and also just plain convenience since it lasts for up to 12 hours on average, I highly recommend giving this product a try!  There are many articles online about the dangers of old fashioned pads and tampons if interested in doing your own research.  There are also washable pads, similar to reusable diapers if you prefer, but that didn't sound as feasible in my opinion.

I bought my Lunette here but you can also buy here

Are you willing to give it a try?

*The items mentioned was personally purchased and not sponsored by companies.

(Photos are courtesy of blogger.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Louise Et Cie Kiki Stilettos

I was browsing through Lord n Taylor, as I often do and saw a brand I was unfamiliar with.  In Lord n Taylor, each table is designated to one designer, and these shoes were made of softer leather than I typically see and had a classic and elegant look.  I slipped on one of the samples, which luckily for me are 99% of the time always my size.  Size 6 isn't too common after all.  The shoe just looked so Audrey Hepburn if she were in 2015.  I saw an elegant woman wearing them in my mind and couldn't pass them up.

The style was called Kiki.  They were coral with a gold detailed bow and a cigarette heel.  This pair was originally $139 and on sale for $111.  Besides that number being special to me, I just loved the Kiki heel!  I showed them in my fall haul video here.
They sat pretty on my closet shelf for a couple of weeks before I reminded myself that I was updating my wardrobe to timeless pieces.  How often could I wear a pair of coral heels, and how many colors would they truly match?  I'm also not the type of girl who typically spends over $100 on shoes to be worn sparingly.  The shoes went back. 

Yes I suffer from buyer's remorse more than the average woman, but at least some unnecessary buys get returned every now and again instead of sitting with hanging tags in the back of my closet.

Since many months had passed, those shoes were long forgotten.  I was back at Lord and Taylor to return a dress I bought for a wedding but decided against it.  Actually that is a story in itself:
Saleswoman:  "Miss, are you returning one of your prom dress options?"  
I don't think I answered her right away because I was counting how many years ago my prom actually was, but then I ran out of fingers to count on.
Me:  "No, it was for a wedding, but just didn't fit right."
I may have had a swag in my step as I walked out of the mall that night.

Anyway, so I was back in Lord and Taylor, and walked through the shoe section since I was there anyway after returning the dress and had been debating buying super comfortable sandals for my Nashville trip.  I didn't see any so I turned right around to go right back where I came from and avoid the entire rest of the mall, pat myself on the back for doing so, and get into my car.  As I walked out of the shoe department, the sale racks were on the corner of the aisle.  I continued walking straight ahead, but my head automatically turned toward the last end cap of the sale rack.
I saw the Kiki!  5 1/2.  I thought, 'No!!!  Oh well, let me just put it on to see how the black looks.  Let me zip the heel.  Wait, these fit!'  I walked myself to the register, "Excuse me, can you please check the price before getting the other one.  I probably won't be getting them, but I'm curious."  The red sticker on the inside was marked from $139 to $99, but I asked to see if maybe the holiday 20% or 25% off applied to this pair.  The girl told me they may be marked as a sample pair and would check.
I whipped out my credit card and walked away with these beauties, in a more practical color than my previous coral purchase for $52!

I like the card they came with
"Nothing holds the power to transform a woman like the perfect pair of shoes, whether for day or a special occasion, the right shoe can transcend any look.  Fine craftsmanship, modern design and distinctive details make Louise Et Cie shoes the ultimate style statement."

Purchase here.

The saleswoman also told me they run small.
Louise Et Cie is allegedly the late Vince Camuto's wife.  Her shoes are also sold in Nordstrom.

What do you think of them?


*Photos courtesy of the blogger.  Please ask permission to use.  All purchases were personally purchased and not sponsored.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I love Panera

I've found myself eating out more than normal lately.  I haven't been very inspired to cook and sometimes the pregnancy cravings are for things that my family won't eat so going out makes more sense.  Honestly though, I haven't had a really tasty meal out in a few months.  My daughters and I ended up near a Panera today at lunch time.  We've eaten at Panera before and I wasn't overly impressed but I appreciate how easy their website is for identifying things my youngest daughter, who has food allergies, can eat.  We stopped in for lunch and instead of the panini that I normally get, I got a Lentil Quinoa Broth Bowl with Chicken.  It was delicious!

The broth bowl contained a fragrant broth with lentils, quinoa, a generous portion of antibiotic-free chicken, kale, and tomatoes.  It smelled wonderful, had wonderful flavors and was very filling.  According to the Panera website, there is only 390 calories in the entire dish.  I didn't quite finish it and for how full I was, I would have thought there to be many more calories.  This menu item cost $8.99 and I would have easily ordered it at a more upscale restaurant and paid more for the same exact thing.  It's that good!  

I think I know my new pregnancy craving- hehe.


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*This was an independent, non sponsored review.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ipsy Review

Ipsy is a monthly subscription box of beauty and makeup items.  Some of the items are full size but most are the larger or deluxe size samples.  You also get a cute makeup bag that everything fits in.  Some of the items are from drug store brands like Revlon and Loreal but many are speciality brands like NYX, Smashbox, Moroccon Oil, and Napolean Perdis.

I have been receiving Ipsy Glam Bags for a year now and I am overall pretty happy with the products I have received and the overall value of the items I receive.  I have received several full size items from Cailyn, NYX, Shea Butter, and Burt's Bees which were all worth more than the $10.00 monthly subscription charge.  I have also received samples of items that I ended up purchasing and samples of other items that I was planning to purchase, ended up trying through Ipsy and saving my money.  If you are a Beauty or Products Junkie like I am, then this subscription box is definitely for you!

This month my Ipsy Glam Bag included a sample of Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer, a sample of Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner, a trial size of Miracle Leave In Conditioner by Pure Brazilian, a Shea Butter Lip Crayon by Shea Moisture, and a Mini Eyeshadow Crayon by tre'StiQue.  The makeup bag is very soft and a great size for my daily essentials or as a spare for my pool or gym bag.
I'm not sure if you noticed, but the eyeshadow crayon is missing it's lid.  I contacted Ipsy and they quickly shipped me another one that arrived approximately a week later.  Their customer service was amazing and they didn't even question when I asked for a new one because of the missing lid.  I was quite impressed with how well they took care of me.  In the year that I have subscribed to Ipsy, that is the only issue I have had.

Again, I am happy with Ipsy and do recommend it.  It's probably the only mail that I look forward to each month!


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*Photo courtesy of the blogger.  This was not a sponsored review

Neutrogena naturals

I decided to try a new line of skincare!

Neutrogena naturals is sold at my local Harmon discount store.  I am usually weary of such names containing the word natural since false marketing is far too common.  I thought I would try it since I was in need of an actual facial cleanser I liked.  Using Bed and Bath coupons made it that much more enticing!  The label states No harsh chemical sulfates, parebens, petrolatum, dyes, phthalates.

I purchased the purifying facial cleanser, and the multi-vitamin nourishing moisturizer.  I'm in love with these products.  Usually I say 'yea another product, I'll use it up and try whatever one I buy next.'  These will both be repurchased!  I use the purifying facial cleanser on my skin brush, which I reviewed here.  It doesn't break me out or leave a film of residue.  The lotion helps the dry parts of my skin and I can apply my foundation over it with no problem.  Give it a try!

(Photo courtesty of

Can be purchased here:


*Products mentioned were personally purchased and not sponsored.