Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017 Michelle

2017 is here and it's my year to rebuild myself.  So much happened in 216 and I lost track of my needs and good habits.  It's time for restoration and rebuilding...maybe even a new start in some ways.

One of the ways I am taking back me and my life is to take a few minutes each day to myself.  I squeeze 5-10 minutes when I can and sit quietly with a mug of green tea.  Green tea has antioxidants and the quiet time really helps me recharge.  I add a little local honey too for sweetness and the local bees' pollen helps with my allergies.  I feel so much better after I have my tea and "having tea" everyday sounds fancy and happy.  I just adore that time of day.

I'm also trying to strengthen my hair.  The past couple of years were rough on it and I lost a ton of hair after having my son.  I am finally feeling more like myself and getting my hair back into good shape is important to my image and confidence.  I know it sounds superficial but being self conscious about my hair loss really affected me.  I am trying to make sure it stays healthy, conditioning with coconut oil weekly, and taking Biotin for growth.  The waiting game is rough.  I can't wait to be able to have a messy bun again. Grow hair! Grow!

What else?

I am easing back into my fitness routine.  I am back in ballet once a week and trying to get to yoga weekly too.  Last year I moved to rural Pennsylvania and being far from a gym is seriously killing my fitness routine.  I want so badly to get to the gym but being so far away, and the crazy winter weather, don't make that easy.  Instead I am trying to squeeze in squats, planks, and as much movement as possible.  At least walking the dog in my hilly neighborhood is a good cardio workout!

Life is about the journey, right?  What are you all up to?  Comment below and let me know!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Trends Have Me SMH

Trends come and trends go. Some are fun, and some aren’t my fav.  Lately though, my mind has been blown with what’s  around the corner this winter.  A lot of beauty bloggers I watch who have impeccable taste, know the good and bad makeup products, fashionable attire, and even tasteful home d├ęcor have been doing clothing hauls straight out of my closet of 1997….my closet door that had Seventeen magazine pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio, Antonio Sabado Jr, LeAnn Rimes and Puff Daddy taped to it.
Recent photos and videos highlighting wide corset resembling belts paired with an oversized sweatshirt dress or ripped up sweater. Even more surprising is the Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts and hats, Calvin Klein tees, and Adidas sweatshirts.  Any and everything I would have been considred #1 dork over the past few years has now returned among the top trends.  In awkward middle school days, in the late 90s some of these were acceptable but added to the awkward look of acne faced teens.  I’m waiting any day for the U-shaped bangs to return.  Actually I think I will wing out the hair left of part by my ear and do the big U shaped hair hardened with hair spray on the right of my side part. This way I will be the trend setter before it takes shape in the months to come. Adidas pants were not cool just a short item ago, underwhelming compared to Lululemon, Lorna Jane, Under Armor, Nike, Carbon 38, Alo yoga, Bombshell brands and more.  The fact that pants sold at Costco have just returned to high fashion all of a sudden is great for our wallets, especially if you still have your 90s tees. I am waiting for the EXP inside out sweatshirts to make their return.  When I was in high school, fashion wasn’t a big deal.  Abercrombie & Fitch started a bit more emphasis on brands, but baggy jeans and flannel shirts were in fashion and that was that.

I hope children growing up now will have a harder time being unpopular based on their clothing since everything is or just was a trend.  Chokers, velvet, suede, fur, short jeans, tight jeans, flare jeans, boyfriend jeans, every toe shape on a shoe, patent leather, all are trendy, so it’s a win win. Jean jackets, moto jackets, bomber jackets, varsity jackets. You can’t be out of style in 2017, which is sort of impressive, and probably tough on designers.  

Either way I hope you enjoy some of my throwbacks.  Please try to look past the quality of photos back then. We barely took them, and these were probably taken on a disposable camera but this is what I found. Follow me on the insta and maybe I will recreate these looks! I quite possible might be able to pull them off without my braces, pimples, and ill fitting bongo jeans rolled up. If champion sweatshirts return with white turtlenecks, I just can’t go that far, but then again, if everyone’s doing it…

Calvin Klein t-shirt on the way to London with the drama club. 
Funny I'm in front of Christian Dior accessories at the airport.
That fabric band digital sport watch was my favorite, but I can't find the brand! (age 16)

Adidas pants and Adidas sneakers in London (age 16)
Why I wore a ski jacket to London in April, I have no idea.

Velvet dress, the last time it was cool.
Probably 10th grade based on the hair cut.

Me as a typical teenager in the 90s. (Age 15)

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