Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trench Coats for Spring

I have come to find myself intrigued by the spring trench coats on display for 2015.  I have a liking for faux leather jackets, and utility jackets, but this is he first time I've liked this style.  I like the look of the lightweight fabric that I don't usually consider when picturing a jacket, and also for the muted color tones.  I like the layered look, and the comfortable yet put together look the trench coat gives.  They are not meant for much warmth, but a little something to break the breeze.  Many stores are carrying this style, but here are 4 of my favorites all from www.forever21.com!  

What is your take on trench coats for spring?


*All products mentioned were not sponsored by the company.
(photos were courtesy of www.forever21.com)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vault 28 at Downtown Disney

If you follow us on Twitter than you may recall that I am in the Los Angeles area this week with my girls.  If you aren't following us on Twitter then you definitely should be! Add us to your Twitter feed at @2StrongGirlsCM !  Anyway, back to LA.  I was super excited to come enjoy the weather and get my fashion fix.  I always feel rejuvenated after being here.  This trip has been a bit of an exception though... it's been much more focused on my daughters' fun then it has been on anything else.  We went to Downtown Disney a couple of days ago and I was happy to find a cute, little store called "Vault 28."  I was expected a tween or teen store with a Disney theme but was pleasantly surprised to find a quirky, darker side to Disney represented in fashion for all ages.  They had everything from baby onesies to fabulous fashion finds for me! 

I was surprised to find brands like Billabong, Mighty Fine, and Harajuku Lovers there.  Everything was arranged to be easily accessible an aesthetically pleasing.  They made it very easy to create outfits by pairing coordinating clothes together with accessories nearby. 

There were lots of sassy nods to Disney and Disney movies throughout the store.  Next to some gothic looking compacts and accessories there was shiny, red apples like in Snow White.  One wall had Mickey Mouse heads with skulls and cross bones spray painted on it and the Cheshire Cat smiles menacingly at you from a corner shelf.  It was dark without being overtly scary, and a welcome break from the singsong cheeriness that generally surrounds Disney. 

If you get the chance while at Downtown Disney, I really recommend stopping in.  If anything just go to look at Disney from a different perspective.


*All photos courtesy of the blogger
*This is an independent, non sponsored review

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jewelry by Jenny Bird

Every Friday night, I turn to Lisa to find out her latest and greatest weekly purchases in both beauty and fashion.  Lisa is one of my virtual friends.  She is a southern mom, wife, and daughter, who just visited NYC for the first time a few weeks ago.   You can tune into her youtube channel Lisalisad1 HERE.  

Lisa introduced me to a jewlery line by Jenny Bird. I love the modern creativity of her pieces.  I also love how even with the large size of some, the quality of each piece stands out.  Her website states,

“My continuous source of inspiration is what I call the ‘grand reflection’. In this world, we are impacted by a shared human experience; the political landscape, the economy, the cosmos, the weather, our progress in science and technology, and spirituality, all play a part. Like a mirror, this shared experience is reflected in pop culture, street style, art and design, fashion, and everything in between. Tapping into this collective pulse, and observing our grand reflection has always been, and will always be my creative fuel.” - Jenny

My favorite piece is called Hooper's Weave.  I can picture myself wearing it with a blazer as pictured, with a dress and heels, or a blouse and skirt and flats.  

                                                              Hooper's Weave by Jenny Bird

This conversation piece is currently sold out, due to popular demand.

Moonrise Collar by Jenny Bird

The Artemis is similar and currently available. The Crescent Moon, HARK! Horn, and Wildland tusk necklaces are also my top picks. She offers bracelets and earrings, rings, and handpieces as well.

The reason I am drawn to her jewelry line, which launched in 2008, is not only because I love large sized accessories, but because her pieces can be considered edgy, or also solid stand out pieces if adorning a solid high neck business dress or pants and simple top.  I have yet to enter her New York showroom, but I can picture feeling an added confidence by choosing her jewelry to wear her pieces.  We all know woman who walk with confidence can conquer the world!
 sold in over 600 retailers and 14 different countries

*The products featured are the blogger's personal favorites, and the post was not sponsored or endorsed.  Photos courtesy of jenny-bird.com.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Sephora and Makeup Forever

Last weekend I spent about an hour at Sephora.  I had been given a gift card and my make up was begging to be updated so it made sense to go there.  I've always shopped at Ulta because our Sephora store here is tiny and inside JC Penney, while Ulta is huge in comparison with many more brands.  They also have good coupons!

I'd been reading different blogs and reviews and wanted to try Makeup Forever HD Foundation. I've been using CK One Foundation for about two years now.  I don't have any big complaints about it but was hoping to find something that would last a little longer.  I have a lipstick by Makeup Forever that is my absolute favorite lipstick.  It is their matte bright red and it is absolutely perfect.  I figured if I loved one product so much then the rest of the line must be fabulous too!  If you interested it is Rouge Intense Artist Color Number 8.  I highly recommend it!

Sephora employees are called "cast members."  I sat down with a cast member and discussed what I wanted from a new foundation and that I also needed a concealer for my under yes.   Basically, I wanted a light to medium coverage foundation that had good staying power and blended easily and a concealer that is goof proof.  She agreed that the Makeup Forever HD Foundation was a good choice for foundation and we agreed to start there.  She used an electronic device to take a close up picture of my face that uses a program to choose the best shade for your skin tone.  She applied the foundation and it seemed like it was ok.  She asked if I had a concealer in mind and I mentioned Benefits Pore Perfection but she recommended Makeup Forever's Ever Full Cover Concealer.  She put it on my under eyes and they did look better.  The bags and darkness were much less noticeable.  The cast member finished off the look with a loose powder.  I took a look in the mirror and was a bit uncertain.  I looked a little dry and a little dry. The cast member assured me that the light in their store is terrible- which it is!  She also said that a moisturizing primer would help with dryness.  My skin is dry so that made sense to me.  I love makeup but I am not an expert by any means and I trusted her knowledge.

I ended up buying the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, Makeup Forever Ever Full Concealer, a moisturizing primer by Makeup Forever, and Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder.  Oddly, I could not find a picture of the primer online so it is not pictured.

I was excited to put on my new makeup before ballet last Tuesday morning.  I used the primer and it was not sticky like other primers I have used.  My skin soaked it right in and it was gone instantly.  I applied the concealer and had a very tough time blending it.  It caked and rolled right off my face.  I worked with for awhile and then applied the foundation over top.  The foundation felt very dry to me.  I don't normally wear full coverage makeup and I imagine it felt more full coverage then I was used to.  By the time that was all on, I was practically sweating from exertion and pink with frustration.  I was now running very late, and to my horror, I looked awful.  I was too embarrassed to take a picture but it was BAD.  The foundation was much too yellow for my skin.  The concealer was now running down my cheeks and I had dry patches around my lips and chin that had not been there earlier that morning.  There was no way I was leaving the house like that so I quickly washed my face, reapplied my old CK One Foundation and got to ballet very late.  I did use the Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder over top and it kept my makeup looking fresh despite the light sweating at ballet.  I was sold on that product but the rest, sadly, were flops.

I returned the other products back to Sephora.  Thankfully Sephora has an excellent return policy and I received a full return without any issue.  I then purchased Benefits Pore Perfect primer and a Benefits concealer instead.  I also repurchased my usual CK One Foundation.  

One day I would love to find a makeup line that has me in love with all of their products.  The inner OCD me, appreciates all products' packaging coordinating.  Until then, I will repurchase MakeUp Forever lipsticks and MakeUp Forever HD Microfinish Powder.  The rest of their line is definitely not for me.  Have you tried their makeup?  What are your experiences?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


*All products mentioned were personally purchased.  This is a non sponsored review.
*All Photos are courtesy of MakeUp Forever and Ulta.com.  

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Don't we all love Carrie Underwood?

Whether we envy her voice, her legs, or her hair, Carrie Underwood is a likable girl and a likable entertainer.  She launched her own line of fitness attire in just this month, and I anxiously awaited its arrival!

                                          Women's Effortless Dip DyeCocoon Sweater $79
Mixed Open Knit Scarf $35
What I like about it is that she chose practical pieces that can be worn the entire day, before & after your workout  It looks comfortable and stylish,and her color choices were spot on.  this ombre sweater with scarf is cute and realistic to be thrown on while getting to the gym!

                   Women's Essential Tight Fit Capris Printed in Classical Flower $68

The print is fun and different!  I was going to order a piece the day of her launch, but the prices were unfortunately higher than I expected.  I'm picky about my workout clothing anyway, so at that price, it would have a lot to live up to!  I knew it was also sold at Dick's Sporting Goods, a store I never go to, but I went last week, after my Ulta run, since it's next door to my Ulta.  The quality was impressive!  The thickness, and craftsmanship surprised me in a good way!  Her accessories and matching options were just my style!

Once Dick's offers a coupon, I already have a few pieces in mind I'd love to add to my fitness wardrobe!

Calia Studio pieces can be purchased in the 2 following links:


*All photos above are courtesy of www.caliastudio.com, and products mentioned were not sponsored by the company.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lush Pot O' Gold Shower Jelly

I am back to talking about Lush again!  I promised myself that I would wait before reviewing more of their products...but I just can't!  I love going to their store and seeing what innovative bath and body products they have released since my last visit.  Here is my first Lush cosmetics review in case you missed it or want to read about some of my other favorite (and flopped!) Lush products.  
I love going to Lush because their store is colorful, the products are easy to access with lots of testers available, it smells delicious, and the sales people are very helpful.  When I go into Lush and describe my daughters' dry skin they can immediately recommend a lotion and bath bomb to help.  I love asking for help rather than trying to read all the product descriptions and getting distracted by a darling diva and forgetting entirely what I was doing.  Mom problems!  Anyway, the last time I went to Lush to re purchase my favorite lotion, Karma Kream, I had to stop and check out their shower jellies.  Yes, that is correct, shower JELLIES!  The Pot O' Gold Shower Jelly caught my eye because it was a beautiful, sparkly gold color, and smelled amazing.  I was almost hesitant to touch it because the texture was a bit like gelatin.  I couldn't resist though, and was delighted by the springy, jelly, gelatin consistency that I was met with.  This stuff is plain fun!  The directions say to break off a small piece, crush it and use the lather as body soap.  You can also use it on a wash cloth or shower pouf.  
This is a close up of my Lush Pot O' Gold Jelly.  I had to adjust the color settings and filter to show the glitter and gold color. 

It's not difficult to pinch a piece of this jelly off and it does make a generous amount of lather. The lather doesn't last as long as I would like but that wouldn't deter me from re purchasing this product.  I was a little concerned the Pot O' Gold jelly would leave my skin or shower a gold color or very sparkly, but it didn't.  I love the way it smells too!  It has a refreshing citrus scent.   I have been using it about ten days now and really like it.  I would definitely purchase this again or try one of the other varieties. 


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*This is an indepdent non sponsered review.  The product mentioned were personally purchased.
*The first photo is courtesy of Lush Cosmetics and the second is courtesy of the blogger

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

White Lace Dresses

I recently got the thought in my mind that I wanted a white lace cover up for this summer.  I must have seen one while glancing at a website after getting an auto generated sale email because I cannot pinpoint why I started thinking about it so often.  I also can't picutre in my mind exactly what I want, whereas usually I see an item of clothing I like and use it as inspiration to find one similar.  Maybe this image was created in my imagination, and a quick type in the search field of some online shops I was browsing just didn't bring up the look I had in mind...even though I didn't have a specified look pictured in my mind.  I didn't want a typical lace dress with an elastic band covered by a skinny belt with a flowy lace bottom which was so common a couple years ago when lace first made its comeback.  Every now and then I thought about it and searched another site I thought of, and nothing in particular would catch my eye.  I have been checking Forever 21 more often than ever because they have really upgraded some of their pieces!  I wonder at what age I will stop shopping there haha.  I can't imagine doing so actually, and I'm over ten years past being Forever "21!"  Last week's search revealed 2 lace pieces that held my attention!  They are cream, and I wanted stark white, and they are also more crocheted than lacey but I placed the order!

A funny fact about me is that I love receiving mail!  I know it's mostly bills, but I love the excitement of the unknown and of the arrival of things I want.  Nowadays, I only order things I really truly want, so the anticipation gets a hold of me.  I checked the tracking status and knew the package was to arrive on a Wednesday, but with feet of snow blocking my mailbox, I stood in the falling snow at the end of my driveway and waved down the mail lady.  Honestly, I didn't have to waive her down because she knows me, and knows I wait outside for her to directly hand me my packages.  Cut me some slack, I have only been doing this due to the snow pile up and to avoid driving to the next town's post office which is only open during the hours that I work!  Anyway, the first dress was the strangest length, which I expected from the website's photo.  It hit between the knee and ankle.  Most would want it to the knee or ankle, but that's one of the reasons I liked it!  I also liked the large pattern, and that it came with a shorter slip underneath.  It was a slight disappointment though, with large hanging armpits making the cut much wider than I'd preferred.  There is also a seam line at the waist separating the top from the bottom. I haven't decided yet if I will return it though because I think it was just not what I was expecting.  I like fitted clothing that is easy to move in.  The dark color also reminds me of an antique doily, as if it was dipped in tea to achieve the color.  I was picturing flat lace fabric instead of crochet, so I'm torn about it since I do like the bottom and the look.  What is your opinion of dress #1?

 Forever 21 Ornate Crochet Maxi Dress

The second dress I immediately cut the tag off!  I loved the circle beaded look to the neck trim, and love the bottom pointed trim as well.  It is more eggshell, so not as dark as the first dress shown above.  I still think what I had in mind was more like a white large mesh striped dress or maybe I'm thinking of a crop top I saw.  Either way, this is a keeper!  Do you agree?

Forever 21 Ornate Crochet Tunic Dress

I color coordinate my closet so I can find things easier and match my outfits without a big widespread search each day.  As I was hanging up dress #2, I saw a crocheted maxi dress!  I have been rediscovering my wardrobe lately, as if it's been packed away in another country for years!  I couldn't believe I already had a cream long maxi dress, with a shorter under layer, just like dress #1, except it was a basic crochet stitch instead of a large patterned stitch.  It all came back to me.  I had seen it in Kohl's the summer prior, and didn't get it.  Then I saw it there again a second time for $9 and got it.  I still didn't know if I was keeping it, because it was a little bit plain and a little bit heavy to pack for a vacation.  Despite the weight, I knew it would be a perfect evening dinner dress on a future beach vacation with a bright stone long necklace, so it made the cut.

Kohl's past season - no longer available

Once I found out I already had this one, was it really necessary to keep the above?  My goal is to have a wardrobe of mainly key pieces that are wearable more than once a year.  I guess I have 30 days from purchase to decide!  What's your advice?  Comment below, on facebook, or send a twitter message to @2StrongGirlsCM

Dresses 1 & 2 were purchased at www.forever21.com
Dress 3 was purchased at www.kohls.com

*All pieces mentioned were purchased and not endorsed.  Photos are courtesy of pinterest.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chia Seed Pudding with Protein Powder

About a year and a half ago I started focusing more on fitness and my workouts.  I did a lot of research and started to incorporate protein powder into my diet.  Having enough protein in your diet helps ensure your body is able to create muscle and when you are on a diet it also helps you feel fuller longer.  I like protein powder smoothies and all but I also looked for ways to change it up.  I tried a couple recipes for protein powder pancakes which are pretty good.  I added protein to my morning oatmeal and also froze blended protein powder and coconut milk into popsicles for the summer.  

My youngest daughter is plagued with food allergies.  I often find myself trying to make alternate treats that she can enjoy that still resemble what everyone else was eating.  My older daughter wanted pudding so I searched for an option that accommodated my youngest daughter.  Chia seed pudding came up on Google.  The first recipe that I tried was fantastic!  It is a recipe by a blogger named Aimee and her blog is called Simple Bites.  It can be found here.  Her Simple Chia Seed pudding is delicious, easily adaptable to taste and dietary needs, and has several options for flavors and garnishes.  The recipe is super simple and uses just four ingredients.  The link for her recipe is here and I used it with permission.  Thanks, Aimee!  

Here is the recipe and instructions from The Simple Bites blog:
  • 1/3 cup white chia seeds
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  1. Combine all the ingredients in a pint jar. Cover the jar with a lid and give it a vigorous shake.
  2. Chill for about an hour, then return to the jar and shake it up. Let chill for at least 4 hours and overnight is even better.
  3. Chia seeds will expand and turn into pudding the consistency of applesauce (it won't get really thick).
  4. Serve cold with sliced fruit or toasted nuts on top.

Now, back to the protein powder.  After I made this a few times I started adding about a half scoop of protein powder to it.  I use a vegan chocolate protein powder which flavors the pudding to a yummy chocolate.  It's delicious, healthy, and kid approved!  You can try adding your favorite protein powder in as well.  If you are looking for ways to add more protein to your diet, cure a sweet tooth, or make a healthier version of traditional pudding, then this recipe is definitely for you!  I eat chia seed protein pudding rather than a protein smoothie sometimes.  It also works as a dip for fruit, to dress up oatmeal, and in a tupperware container as a snack on the run.  

Let me know if you try out this recipe and what you think!  I would love to hear from you!


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*This recipe was used with permission by the blogger, Aimee,  at SimpleBites.net.  The original recipe can be found at http://www.simplebites.net/?s=chia+seed+pudding.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Boyfriend Jean

Have you spent time at the mall, or at a designer store, trying on pair after pair, in search of perfect fitting jeans?  Have you found one pair and stuck to it, because it’s not too tight and not too big in all the important places?  One of the hardest fits to find is jeans, coming in 2nd place to, in my opinion, bathing suit bottoms! It must be the material, which actually there is thick material, thin material, stretchy material, and non stretchy material.  Jeans have adapted with the millenium, from a sturdy denim to a non-denim, and from dungaroos to jeggings.  I like the stretchy kind, that hug your curves and are the most comfy.

Suddenly, someone, somewhere, decided, and many people jumped on board with the idea to wear jeans that are way too big, without hugging the boo-tay, rolled up like in a flood and those someones said it was stylish!  Even the name eludes to the fact this was a last resort situation that was done with embarrassment, to get from point A to point B after some sort of wardrobe mishap.  I imagine it took place in the city, where she had to walk a distance, passing by many onlookers, but it seems as though she appeared so confident and eye-catching in her makeshift attire to get home, that every girl who noticed her on the streets of NY that day ran home to recreate this trend.  Sometimes my imagination gets away from me, but judging from the popularity all around me, may I present to you, the trend-setting award winner known to all as The Boyfriend Jean.  Please.  I highly doubt that I would ever borrow my boyfriend’s jeans.  I would borrow a button up work shirt and make it into a dress by adding a tie around my waist,  or borrow his gym pants or shorts until I could get to Target if I couldn’t make it 24 hrs in his comfy sweats, which I voluntarily chose to do often, but in the privacy of my family room.   They will never be considered part of my wardrobe, or become a trendsetter.  Boyfriend jeans just do not flatter the figure.  There are different cuts and fits, but pancake butt isn't my go to look, and in most cases, they look like they are heavy and about to fall down.  Either way it  looks as though the girl is about to go paint her apartment in them, and she may or may not need suspenders to do so.  As a fan of fitted clothing, denim adds weight and width, which is totally unnecessary, and will disproportion our bottom half, no matter who is wearing them.  Rolling them up only adds to the shortening disproportioned illusion.  Another fashion dud that I hope leaves quickly, and at least I wont have a huge butted pair of heavy jeans taking up space in my closet.

Photo from http://www.melbournegirl.com.au/2014/04/09/5-best-boyfriend-jeans/


*Opinions are solely owned by the blogger.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Full Skater Skirts For Spring 2015

I have spent all week looking for the perfect skater skirt.  I have wanted to bare the crop top and skirt set for some time! I wasn't interested in the pencil skirt kind, since I wouldn't feel comfortable with my food belly.  On the other hand, the high-waisted skater skirt, or full skirt in fancier terms, sits high above the stomach but isn't fitted so it is just up my alley!  

(photo courtesy of tobi.com)

My quest was for a sophisticated look like the one below with stiffer material that I could pair with a black crop top by night, and bright colored by day.  Unfortunately it is sold out!

(Photo courtesy of asos.com)
Similar style found here

While trying some on in the mall, I realized one strange thing.  One of my personal idiosyncrasies was getting in the way of what's on trend! My dislike for anything to be tight around my waist did not coincide with the look I was trying to find!  I tried on a full skirt in Charlotte Russe, and that is when I noticed that they hit just at the stomach!  Just under ribs where I like to feel zero clothing restrictions!  Needless to say, I walked out empty handed and wiped the full skirt idea fro m my mind!
As a little kid, I remember standing in dressing rooms telling my mom on the other side of the door that I wasn't sure if I wanted the new pants I was trying on.
"What's wrong with them," she'd ask.
I'd reply.  "They're touching my stomach."

Every year during back to school shopping, she would have me sit down when trying on pants to see if they dug into my waistline.  I still sit in pants in dressing rooms to this day.  I don't know what it is, but I can't do a sundress with an elastic band near the waist either.  The rubbing on my skin just irritates me.  Of course lo rise cuts perfectly suit my oddity!

I was going through my closet this weekend, looking at spring colors and just wishing away the endless snowfall here in New Jersey, and I saw a skirt I bought in Target over a month ago!  I tried it on and it's a size too big, which is perfect because it sits up high to be paired with a crop top, bodysuit, or fitted tank, but doesn't sit too snug the way my correct size would, giving me comfort and style in one!  It's now a keeper!  I didn't even know about the trend when I had spotted it and whipped it into my target while circling Target in early January!
                                                             (xhilaration by Target)

Coincidentally, I got a text on Friday from a friend inviting me out for a birthday celebration to a lounge.  The birthday girl wanted to go somewhere dressy where she could wear heels and a dress!  Being fashionable in heels when it's 10 degrees outside (that's what my temperature gauge said on my way) and icy and snowy is not an easy task!  Heels and black ice are a no go!  I opted for black tights, black suede wedge booties, and a black shoulder cut out shirt.  My show piece was my red leather skirt purchased from Forever 21 last winter.  I only wore it once to a Christmas party because full skirts were not in style in winter 2013.  I purchased it because I had craved owning leather attire in black, brown, red, navy, and olive, and it was a unique shape when I came across it.  I am still looking for the navy and olive.  The olive skirt from InterPlayCouture is still on my mind and you can read about it here !  I had found my red last winter and pulled it for Saturday evening's outing.  


The pic below was taken from a low angle, which causes a disproportionate look but it was fun to wear!

Have you jumped on board with the full skirt trend or are you sticking with jean shorts this spring and summer?


*All pieces mentioned were purchased and not endorsed.  Photos are courtesy of above stated websites or blogger.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015


I am absolutely loving all the new styles of joggers that flooded stores and social media lately.  I bought my first two pairs almost two years ago after I had my youngest daughter.  One pair is soft and reminiscent of 80s parachute pants and the others are soft denim.  I was a bit early with the trend but I wore them non stop for awhile.  I'm glad they are back and hope they stick around for a couple of seasons!  How can you go wrong with a comfy, elastic waist and so many styles to choose from?!

Not familiar with joggers yet?  Basically, joggers are elastic waist or drawstring pants that are not skin` tight and have elastic around the ankles.  Here is a basic style that I recently purchased:

These are obviously for casual wear.  I wear them with a tshirt, cropped sweatshirt to balance out the bagginess, sneakers, and a beanie.  They can be a great alternative to yoga pants for when you want to be comfortable and on the go but maybe don't want to wear something completely form fitting.  We certainly all have those days!

Joggers can also be found with patterns and in a variety of fabrics.  I love the aztec and graphic prints that popped up recently.  They are really wearable and easy to pair with a solid top or coordinating print.  I bought these cute ones at Target yesterday:
Express and Victoria's Secret both have cute, cropped styles too.  I'm looking for a pair for spring that can be dressed up a bit more.  I have even seen some darling harem style joggers.  I'm not sure that I can pull off the trend but they are super cute and I will be trying them on during my next shopping trip.  Anyone seen any cute ones?

I think most body styles can wear joggers and I love that about them.  You may need to play around a bit with the cut, pocket placement, and pattern.  Cuts that are closer to the hip and leg may be more flattering or easier to pair tops with.  Baggy styles are comfortable but make sure to balance your top correctly.  A baggy top and baggy joggers may look frumpy.  Diagonally placed pockets can add additional bulk and aren't always flattering so be careful with them.  I love the contrasting detail of the pockets on the ones I got at Target those.  The contrasting black against the pattern is actually genius!  It is very flattering on me.  Score!  Let me know if you have bought joggers yet and what you are wearing them with!


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*This review is a non sponsored review.  Photos are courtesy of the Forever21 and Target websites respectively.