Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lush Cosmetics Review

A Lush Cosmetics recently opened in our mall and I was so excited.  The first couple of times I tried to go it was so crowded that I couldn't even make it into the store with my daughter's stroller.  Mom problems!  Anyway, for those of you not familiar with Lush Cosmetics, they are a cosmetics and beauty company that make their products fresh, by hand with fresh ingredients.  They do not test products on animals believe in social responsibility and ethical buying.  I've been trying to move more toward natural and organic beauty products so getting a Lush Cosmetics nearby made me super happy.

The first two products I tried were Jackie Oates creamy color base and The Kiss Lip Gloss.  

A salesperson at Lush showed me how to mix a bit of the Jackie Oates color with moisturizer and apply like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.  I knew it was going to be light weight coverage but I am sad to report that it was awful.  The color was ok.  It blended well with my skin tone but it didn't last and slid right down my face after less than an hour.  A loose setting powder would probably have helped but I am not confident it would have helped me enough to re purchase.  Sadly, The Kiss Lip Gloss was not any better.  After a half hour round trip to and from preschool pickup, the lip gloss looked as if I had been wearing it for hours.  My lips felt dry, and the color was gone except for a less than flattering ring that feathered below my bottom lip.  I wore it that one time and that was it.  Here is a picture after 30 minutes of wear:
Awful, right?  The color settled into my "11" and pooled around my mouth.  The lip gloss, like I mentioned, was cracked and awful.  I was devastated!  I told Erin how upset I was and planned to try and return the products as soon as I could.  

The next week Erin had a fantastic Christmas party and she handed me a delicious smelling Christmas gift.  It was adorably wrapped and smelled amazing!  I removed the bow and was both surprised and slightly embarrassed to see it was a Lush Cosmetics gift box with a bath bomb, children's soap, and body butter.  I felt awful for bashing Lush to her and then getting such a beautiful, yummy scented gift but she was gracious and we shared a good laugh.

Lush Cosmetics products all have a cute sticker on them that says when they were made and which Lush employee hand made the item.  They have a cute little caricature of the employee too.  It's a nice, personalized touch.
Here's a picture of the inside of my gift box.  I know that I already mentioned the amazing smelling bath bomb, but  let me just say again that it smelled AMAZING!  Even a month later when I finally had time to enjoy a nice long soak in the bath tub, it was still smelling fantastic and I was almost sad to use it since the scent would not be around anymore.
Lush Cosmetics' bath bombs have gotten a lot of hype and they definitely live up to it. Check out the size of this bath bomb, how cute it is, and the pretty gold glitter that comes off it!
I was surprised that the bath water turned a pretty turquoise color and had pretty floating gold stars in it.  
And of course it smelled delicious!  I enjoyed a nice long, relaxing bath and was happy that my tub was not left with a colored ring or any stains.  Other reviews have mentioned that Lush Cosmetics' bath bombs stained their tubs, but I happily did not have that happen!

The gift box Erin gave me completely changed my mind about Lush cosmetics!  I LOVED every product in the box.  My girls enjoyed the Lush bath soap for kids.  It also smelled great and they liked watching bubbles form from a a solid bar of soap rather than liquid bubbles.  The body butter is luxurious, very moisturizing, and smells great.  I plan to purchase all of these products again.  

Since then I have also purchased The Karma Kreme body lotion.  It smells great and absorbs quickly.  Everyone in my house uses it.  I purchased my husband a shampoo bar.  He was a little apprehensive since it is a bar, rather than a liquid from a bottle, but he seems to like it.  The smell is almost too strong though so next time I'll probably get a different type.  I'm not sure which one I purchased him but I don't see it as being available any longer on their website.  

So my overall conclusion about Lush Cosmetics is that I love their body products and hate their cosmetics.  I will buy their lotions, bath bombs, shampoo bars, and children's soap again as well as try other body products.  I am definitely steering very clear of their cosmetics for the time being.  All the products I mentioned would make great gifts.  I'm definitely buying bath bombs as gifts for upcoming birthdays this year.  If you haven't shopped for Valentine's Day yet then head to Lush!  Speaking of Valentine's Day, I hope everyone has a great one! 

Have you tried Lush Cosmetics yet?  What have you tried and did you like it?


*All products mentioned in this review were personally purchased or gifted to the blogger.
*Stock photos are courtesy of Lush Cosmetics and found on their website.  Other photos are courtesy of the blogger
*This was an independent, non sponsored review.  

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