Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Love Hair Stuff

One of the most wonderful things about great style is that you can wear what you love.  I know that I have said it before but I absolutely stand by wearing things you love and make you feel good.  We all have certain pieces in our wardrobe that we gravitate towards and certain styles that we buy and wear time and time again.  For me, one of the style things I love is hair "stuff."  Hats, headbands, clips, scarves, bows, vintage hair accessories, hand made hair accessories, and flowers.  I love them all and I love them more if they are hand made or one of a kind!  Ever since becoming a Mom I struggle with finding enough time to get my look together before World War Three breaks out in my house.  That makes it sound like it takes me three hours to get ready which absolutely isn't true, but finding a half hour to an hour with two small kids running around takes some serious time management and magic skills.  One of the ways I maintain my sense of style, and therefore confidence, is hair accessories.  Even if I only have time for leggings and a tunic, when I clip in one of my favorite hair clips then I automatically feel more pulled together.  On the days when I don't have time to fix my hair and it's looking crazy then I slide on a turban style headband or hat and voila, so much better!

Lately one of my favorites is this turban.  Obviously black goes with everything and depending on how I wear it, I can camouflage my bangs or pull it low over my forehead.  I wore it on my last vacation to the beach to keep my hair out of the way on a particularly windy day.  I just love it.

Fedoras are classic and I always like to travel with one.  It is so easy to hide frizz or limp hair from traveling or too much fun the night before.  Sometimes a fedora pulls a whole outfit together which I think is true for this look.  My family and I visited Philadelphia and it was raining.  I knew my hair would be a hot mess without being covered and this hat was a god send on that early, rainy morning.
Flower head bands were big the past two summers and I am hoping they come back again this year.  They are so cute and fun!
One of my favorite hair accessories is a huge, royal blue flower.  I don't wear it that often but I do love to bring it out occasionally.  I recently wore it at a grand opening party for a local store, Interplay Couture.  You can see more and read more about that here.
I saw the cutest hair clip during NYFW that was a teeny, tiny birds nest.  I had to have one and recently ordered this handmade one of Etsy.  It's a cute way to celebrate spring and I can't wait to start wearing it.
Isn't it adorable?  The link to the Etsy shop can be found here.  I think this clip will be super cute with jeans and a t shirt or a spring dress and cardigan.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one wearing hair accessories.  That's totally fine by me but I would love to hear from you as to whether you love them too or not.  Thoughts?


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*Photos courtesy of the blogger with the exception of the last photo.  The last photo is from Fairies Welcome on Etsy.  This was an independent, non sponsored blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Best Workout Pants Ever

Exercise clothes have come a long way since Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" video with  80's hi cut leotards with leg warmers, or white slouch socks and Jazzercise sneakers.  That doesn't mean functional workout clothes are easy to come by!  Cute matchy matchy workout clothes are sold all over, but they don't last very long!  They stretch out before the day is done, let along the quality change after a few washes.

I have gotten very critical in regards to what I wear to workout.  I can't have the distraction of being self conscious while squatting and lifting weights, or bending over in a downward dog covered in sweat.  I want to focus on form, and not wonder if my undies are showing!  I have tried many brands that people suggest, but I found my all time favorite workout pants.  They compress and breathe at the same time, they stay in place, and don't stretch bigger as the day goes on.  The full length are my favorite and do not shrink up throughout the day!   Compression is my friend when I hit the gym, and these compress to the max! I find them to fit true to size.     


The fit is just perfect!  They do not ever slide down revealing the bum.  Workout pants are only comfortable to me if I don't have to keep adjusting the back!  I can squat with pride haha! They offer solid colors, but I prefer fun prints while I workout!  They offer full length, capri, cropped, high waist, and stirrup.  The full length doesn't ride up and become too short.  The capris and cropped are no looser or thinner in material than the full length either.  The stores seem to run out of variety quickly and I find that online has a bigger selection of KNOCKOUT leggings!

knockout capri

I also purchased the stirrup tights online after trying them on during the semi-annual sale, and regretfully did not purchase and they were sold out next visit.  You snooze, you loose.  They are a silky shinier material and super stylish if you ask me!  Thankfully, they were available online!


The stirupps are great for PiYo workouts!
They can also be worn without the stirrup and it just looks like a cute cutout if even noticeable!

I did happen to find some by Victoria Secret's PINK line during the semi-annual sale and they fit quite similarly.
(cheetah are PINK, 2 prints are KNOCKOUT)

Confidence takes you far in life, and the fit of these gives me a take charge attitude because I have no fear of ill fitting problems sneaking up on me, going unnoticed until a friend stares at a weird area, causing me to look down and realize my stomach has been sticking out the whole time I've been walking around Target after the gym!  When you feel better you do more, and when you look good you're less likely to skip your workout so awww snap!  SO many logical reasons to justify my owning so many pairs of these wonderful wicking fabric specimens.  Can there really be too much of a good thing?  Nah, especially when they get full of sweat every day!  Must stay fresh and clean!  A girl needs options. 

A close second are Gap Body pants, with a similar fit, although I have only tried the capri length.  Next on my list to try:  Lorna Jane, Lululemon, and Athletica

KNOCKOUT tights can be found at  Reach out to me on twitter or facebook if you decide to try out this style of leggings!  I'd love to hear about your picks!


*All products mentioned were purchased personally and were not endorsed by the company.
First photo courtesy of Google search.  Leggings photos courtesy of Victoria's Secret online. Last 2 are owned by blogger.

*Update: 27Apr215 correction of "Let's Get Physical" artist.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

My Top 3 Foundations

I have to admit that I like full coverage makeup.  There are days I want light coverage just to have something on, but those are few and far between these days.  If I take the time to put it on, I want it to cover my flaws.  I don't know why I'd want some minor imperfections to show through, when I could try to look as close to flawless as possible.
My goal = porcelain doll.

I know your first thought is that full coverage makeup either looks cakey, or feels thick and cakey.

The trick is in your application!  When using a full coverage formula, you can't apply as much onto your face!  Just like when you get 8 plus inches cut off your hair and you forget and squirt out a huge glob of shampoo and are in sudsville of wasted product.  It's just not necessary to pile on the layers when the product does its job and covers.

Grease happens!  Oily, dry, combination, whichever describes you, a light bb cream, cc cream, or tinted moisturizer is probably long gone by the end of a full day or night.  One swipe with a dinner napkin, and even a light/medium coverage foundation transfers to the napkin and you now have a stripe down your cheek of bare skin, which probably isn't noticeable because your foundation is barely noticeable too!  If I rub it into my hand and it disappears as quickly as lotion, I don't trust it as a foundation.  I know the natural look is preferred by many, but in that case, swipe your powder on and go about your day.  The point of foundation is to create an even look all over the face.

Benefits of full coverage:
-Smooths lines
-covers any color variations, red, brown, white, pink, or other
-most importanly, in my opinion, it is still there 8 hours later!

Here are my 3 favorites!

#1 Rimmel Stay Matte  coming in at under $5!    Long wear and it doesn't clog my pores either!

#2 Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation about $12


#3 Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24hr $13
     24 hour claims are pushing it, but might be my favorite foundation of all time!


     Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder 16 hr is $17 but I used my Harmon coupons!  

I also purchased the Loreal Setting Spray, which reviews claim is comparable to the Urban Decay settings sprays.

I use foundation as a barrier, to contain the oil in, to keep the dirt out, and to cover all my bumps, dots, and specks!  I don't want a kinda sorta sheer opaque transparent airy substance that doesn't transform my skin.  I'd rather save that money and use it on a foundation where a difference before and after applying the product is visibly noticeable, and not in my 5x magnification mirror, but by all!

Back to the tricks of preventing caking.
-Again, use less product!
-Apply one coat
-Let it dry before covering with powder
-Apply sparingly around the eye and use concealer atop
-Apply with a beauty blender
-Drag product down neck to prevent a line of application
-Don't over blend it into the skin
-Choose the right color
-I find applying my blush and bronzer, and then setting powder prevents the layer after layer look.  Adding pink blush on top of a white/beige powder can make the product looked raised and thick.
-If it FEELS cakey,  you used too much!  3 dots of product on my face, (cheek, cheek, forehead, DONE, not 13 dots all over!)

These are all drug store products, and not compared to high end.  Please let me know if you end up purchasing any of these to try for yourself!


*All products mentioned were personally purchased and not sponsored by the companies.  Photos were found on their respective corresponding brand websites.  Products can also be purchased at Target, Walgreens, and Walmart.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

90s Grunge is Back: Love it or Leave it?

I've been secretly dreading the imminent return of 90s grunge.  I foresaw the flannel and Doc Martins returning after the huge, sweeping influx of high waisted jeans in a multitude of washes but namely acid wash.  That was back in February or March of 2014.  Now a year later, overalls have come and gone and high waisted jeans are still around and subsequently paved the way for 90s grunge.  When I think of the 90s grunge fashion era I think of the TV show Beverly Hills 90210 and their fashion, along with the awkward and less than flattering fashions of my junior high school days.  Wide leg jeans, high waisted jeans, flannel, combat boots, and layered choker style necklaces were in and it looks like they are *shudder* back.

Social media and stores seem to be filled with everything needed to recreate the look.  But you know what? I don't really want to.  It was fun and cool the first time but now I can't see myself in this look at all.  Others do it beautifully, like the girl in the picture!

I am quite content leaving the choker necklaces to the new generation of fashionistas and not revisiting this trend.  The tattoo style ones pictures above are not in my style aesthetic at all.  I have seen some others pull it off and look great but it's just not me.  
One of the only 90s fashion aspects I can embrace this time around is tanks layered under sun dresses and maybe the boots with floaty dresses.  

And of course, Dear Readers, that is just my opinion on the whole thing.  What is yours?  Are you embracing the 90s grunge styles or ignoring them and impatiently waiting for what's next?  Do you love it or will you leave it?  Leave a comment and let me know!


*Photos found on Pinterest and courtesy of,, and
*All remarks made are the blogger's personal opinions and non sponsered.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review- Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System

We all know that we are supposed to take care of skin and how important it is to wash your face at the end of the day.  And while I definitely know washing your face at the end of the day is basically the number one rule of beauty, I am usually so tired that I forget or can't muster the energy to do it.  I've talked about my skin before, and how I am noticing signs of aging, but my skin has also been looking dull and my pores look like craters.  I think I was past the point of just some noxema and warm water at the end of the day...I needed an intervention.  I have heard many rave reviews of the Clarisonic Mia Cleansing Brush and was interested in trying it but spending approximately $100 on a fancy brush to wash my face seemed a tiny bit excessive...After all it is just a recharageable brush that you use with facial wash to wash your face.  Depending on the model, the Clarisonic is said to wash your face 6-11 times better than just using your hands and that's what I needed, along with remembering to use, but the price point really held me back.  So I did what I do best!  I went shopping!  I read reviews and shopped around and found the Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System which not only cleanses but also has a microdermabrasion brush and cleanser that you can buy refills for at the drug store.  Even better was the price!  Amazon currently has the Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System listed for approximately $37.  I was shopping for it in December and found a lightening deal on it on Amazon for only $20!  Score!

Let me tell you, I LOVE this product!  I am still struggling to get into the routine of washing my face every single night but I am seeing and feeling results despite a few (or a lot!) of slip ups!  My pores are much clearer and my skin is feeling much softer.  I have not noticed results yet with fine lines disappearing but really, I am the only one to blame on that.  Even if I don't see results with my fine lines, I am still absolutely sold on this product.  My skin is smoother, feels very soft, and is no longer nearly as dull.  It was definitely worth the price I paid but I would pay full price for it all over again after knowing how well it works.

I have two small complaints about the Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System though.  Just two, teensie, weensie complaints!  The first is that the bottles of cleanser and thermal crystal polisher for the microdermabrasion are very small.  They need to be replaced after just a few uses.  So be prepared to invest a few more dollars almost immediately.  In my opinion, that is still completely worth it and a good value. My second small qualm is that the enclosed directions with this product are not very specific or thorough.  I was unclear about whether to put the cleanser and polisher on my skin or the brush to get started.  I tried both ways and now actually put a little on my wet skin and a little on the brush.  One time I did leave the brush on the microdermabrasion setting, also the fastest setting, on one spot for too long and my skin got a tiny bit irritated.  That was my fault and now I know.  It was not terribly painful or anything but just be aware that that can happen.  

If you are in the market for a cleansing brush then I very much recommend the Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System!  Anyone else use it and love it?


*Photo courtesy of the
*This was an independent, non sponsered review.  The products mentioned were personally purchased.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Fav Beauty YouTubers

I subscribe to a lot of YouTubers, and it makes me laugh, because I genuinely consider a few of them my virtual friends, so to speak.  YouTube gives insight into someone's personality and character, so it's not unlike me to be mid conversation with Michelle and say,
'my friend Chelsea really liked this brand, so I know it's good!'

Chelsea Garay might not be someone I have met, but I feel like I know her enough to just invite her over for a glass of wine after our PiYo workouts.  Her bubbly personality puts me in a better mood if at the end of a long night I need to unwind.  Aside from her high end makeup reviews, she talks about her daily what-have-yous, and gives good recommendations.  I have purchased many items based of her suggestions, as shown below.  I have also mentioned her in another blog HERE.  Her videos are inviting because it seems as though she is actually having a conversation with me.  Check out her blog HERE also!

These are Chelsea Garay's recommendations I have tried.
My YouTube/Blogger friends sure have good taste!

Chelsea is one of many of my online friends I keep up with on a weekly basis.  I was a YouTube fan prior to following anyone on instagram or twitter, but have since added a few to Instagram and Twitter as well, and love seeing their #ootd or latest lipstick find in a quick pic while they are out and about!  Check out some of my other favorite beauty gurus, some of whom are professional MUA's, and some self taught.  It's funny when I see a few of the in a photo together at BeautyCon or another event.  They are remind me of my sorority sisters back in college because I see my sisters on facebook, and although we have all grown so much and live far apart, I still feel like I know them so well, and ironically the same goes for my Youtube beauty gurus, even though we have never met.  The same interests draw us close in heart at least!

Some also have separate vlog channels, or now sell their own line of products, but here are their main channels, from all over the world, in no particular order.  It was tough for me to narrow it down to just 15 favs!  Click their name to visit their channel.  Be sure to get out some paper to make your beauty item wish list as you watch!

1.    Chelsea Garay               
2.    Makeup by Cheryl         
3.    Shannon Sullivan (features many gluten free, organic, and natural products)
4.    LisalisaD1 
5.    Brianna Stanko
6.    Shaaanxo
7.    Lauren Curtis 
8.    Jaclyn Hill 
9.    Kelly Strack
10.  Carli Bybel
11.  Nicole Guerriero
12.  Karissa Pukas 
13.  AprilAthena7
14.  Imogen - Foxy Locks
15.  Ally Valentine

Please leave your favorites you follow in the comments!

I have also mentioned MakeupbyCheryl HERE.


*No links mentioned are affiliates or endorsed, and are solely opinions of the blogger.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nike Studio Wraps & PiYo

If I haven't given you enough hints in a few of my posts about over-the-knee boots, I will tell you straight out that I LOVE shoes!  I love them enough that I found a pair to wear when most people go barefoot! 

 I'm talkin' about during yoga!  Namaste.
I prefer a more upbeat workout, with music pumping, like PiYo!
PiYo is a low-impact, high-intensity body-transformation program that uses the most effective pilates-and yoga-inspired moves to sculpt long, lean muscles and burn fat.
I like to call it Yoga for Rebels!

Despite the name, it's SO much more than just yoga and pilates.  
PiYo is full of dynamic flowing movements.  It's faster than yoga, but you will notice a few yoga and pilates moves throughout. 
What I like about it is I don't have to be a treadmill bunny in the  morning, and then still have to fit in my toning moves later in the day.  It works on sculpting muscles using my own body weight, so I don't  need equipment, and I also burn calories and break a sweat since I'm moving the whole time!  When I'm moving non-stop instead of holding static poses, my heart rate stays up and I get both my cardio and weight training workout out of the way in one good hour.

Back to my new shoe find!  Form is of utmost importance during PiYo because to shape my muscle tone, I have to concentrate on my core and my limbs, and can't be sticking to a floor in sneakers or sliding on my bare feet.  
If you are into Yoga or PiYo I recommend Nike Studio Wraps!  They prevent slipping, but allow for movement.  I use them on a sticky yoga mat, and off as well!  Let's talk comfort!  I thought I would be bothered by the fabric between my toes, but I don't even feel it!  They are a perfect fit, and run true to size.  They provide protection from the cold dirty studio floor, and from dirt and germs, and are easy to bring to and from class when stored in the cute bag included with purchase that I wrap around my wrist.  I give them five stars!

Everyone comments on how cute they are too!  They come in a variety of colors, and some come with an ankle wrap for added support, and ballet flats or now boots to wear over them while going to and from class.

a shot of me doing PiYo wearing my Nike Studio Wraps

PiYo Live class is by far my favorite class at the gym.
The energy in a room with good music just pushes me harder!
The class shows a glimpse of all of the moves featured in the PiYo home DVDs.
It's always harder than most people think, but everyone loves it and comes back for more, both men and women! Try something new!  You might be surprised!
To find a PiYo Live class in your area:

Michelle and I snapped a sweaty selfie after taking PiYo together!

PiYo also has a home version, which can be ordered HERE!
(Click 'fitness programs' on left, & for best results I recommend the PiYo Challenge Pack!)

PiYo is for beginners up to elite athletes.  You can go at your own pace, and there is a modifier shown the entire workout on the dvds.  Your instructor will show modifications during class as well!  It comes with 8 workouts 25-45 mins. each.
Everyone can improve their flexibility and balance, and PiYo is geared toward flexibility.
I noticed being more flexible in my hip flexors, which is a part I never really stretched before PiYo, has helped my knee pain.  It has helped rehabilitation after injury, and runners love it since improving flexibility adds to their speed and agility.  My triceps, shoulders, and core have toned up and have noticeable increased strength after PiYo.  I recommend it!

As for my stylish Nike Studio Wraps, I find if I work out in style, I'm less inclined to miss a workout!

The Nike Studio Wraps can be purchased HERE!


*Products mentioned were personally purchased by the blogger and not endorsed.  Photos courtesy of, ebay, and the blogger.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tutu Trimmed Coat

I love tutus and all things tutu inspired.  Tutu and puffy skirts are some of my favorite things in the world (read about my love for them here).  I love the whimsy of puffy skirts and dresses and about a year and a half ago I saw a picture of a tutu trimmed coat on Pinterest that arguably changed my life.  I saw this coat and I absolutely, hands down, 100%, knew it from my core needed to own it.  

The original photo that changed everything was this one:
Even now when I see it I get all tingly and happy.  I followed the Pinterest link and found it for sale at an online boutique and here is their link.  The price of the coat at the time was about $210.00.  I showed the photos longingly to my husband who told me to buy it but I just couldn't bring myself to click confirm at the end of the sale.  Money was tight and I knew that I couldn't wear that coat on a daily basis.  I love my girls but I reserve white clothing for special occasions these days.  So I continued to day dream about the tutu trimmed coat.

Fast forward to March of last year.  Spring was beginning and I had nearly forgotten about the beautiful coat.  Then, of course, on Pinterest another picture of the same coat popped up but in a navy color with pink trim.  My eyes nearly fell out of my head and I jumped for joy when I clicked the link for it, found here, and found it for only $78.00!  It looks like at this time they only have navy but they also had black and the white with black accents back then.  This time I didn't hesitate and purchased it!  I was so excited to have found it for so much less even if it meant waiting several months to get to enjoy it.

And now I own it!  Yay!
The tutu trim is actually detachable.  There is a row of buttons on the inside that attach the tulle.  I like that it has that feature but I haven't used it yet.  I like the tulle bottom too much to remove it.  It probably sounds silly but this coat brings me so much joy.  I feel good wearing it and get many compliments.  Outfits are instantly pulled together by adding such an elegant, fitted piece, and it's fun to accessorize with hats and gloves.  And all silly things aside, I firmly believe you should wear clothes you love.  Buy things you love that fit well.  Invest money in pieces you know you will wear and don't feel that you have to follow every trend that comes along.  

What are some of your favorite wardrobe pieces?  


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*This review was no endorsed or affiliated with any company and the product mentioned was personally purchased.  Photos are courtesy of the blogger and the Aoisos website.  

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lush Cosmetics Review

A Lush Cosmetics recently opened in our mall and I was so excited.  The first couple of times I tried to go it was so crowded that I couldn't even make it into the store with my daughter's stroller.  Mom problems!  Anyway, for those of you not familiar with Lush Cosmetics, they are a cosmetics and beauty company that make their products fresh, by hand with fresh ingredients.  They do not test products on animals believe in social responsibility and ethical buying.  I've been trying to move more toward natural and organic beauty products so getting a Lush Cosmetics nearby made me super happy.

The first two products I tried were Jackie Oates creamy color base and The Kiss Lip Gloss.  

A salesperson at Lush showed me how to mix a bit of the Jackie Oates color with moisturizer and apply like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.  I knew it was going to be light weight coverage but I am sad to report that it was awful.  The color was ok.  It blended well with my skin tone but it didn't last and slid right down my face after less than an hour.  A loose setting powder would probably have helped but I am not confident it would have helped me enough to re purchase.  Sadly, The Kiss Lip Gloss was not any better.  After a half hour round trip to and from preschool pickup, the lip gloss looked as if I had been wearing it for hours.  My lips felt dry, and the color was gone except for a less than flattering ring that feathered below my bottom lip.  I wore it that one time and that was it.  Here is a picture after 30 minutes of wear:
Awful, right?  The color settled into my "11" and pooled around my mouth.  The lip gloss, like I mentioned, was cracked and awful.  I was devastated!  I told Erin how upset I was and planned to try and return the products as soon as I could.  

The next week Erin had a fantastic Christmas party and she handed me a delicious smelling Christmas gift.  It was adorably wrapped and smelled amazing!  I removed the bow and was both surprised and slightly embarrassed to see it was a Lush Cosmetics gift box with a bath bomb, children's soap, and body butter.  I felt awful for bashing Lush to her and then getting such a beautiful, yummy scented gift but she was gracious and we shared a good laugh.

Lush Cosmetics products all have a cute sticker on them that says when they were made and which Lush employee hand made the item.  They have a cute little caricature of the employee too.  It's a nice, personalized touch.
Here's a picture of the inside of my gift box.  I know that I already mentioned the amazing smelling bath bomb, but  let me just say again that it smelled AMAZING!  Even a month later when I finally had time to enjoy a nice long soak in the bath tub, it was still smelling fantastic and I was almost sad to use it since the scent would not be around anymore.
Lush Cosmetics' bath bombs have gotten a lot of hype and they definitely live up to it. Check out the size of this bath bomb, how cute it is, and the pretty gold glitter that comes off it!
I was surprised that the bath water turned a pretty turquoise color and had pretty floating gold stars in it.  
And of course it smelled delicious!  I enjoyed a nice long, relaxing bath and was happy that my tub was not left with a colored ring or any stains.  Other reviews have mentioned that Lush Cosmetics' bath bombs stained their tubs, but I happily did not have that happen!

The gift box Erin gave me completely changed my mind about Lush cosmetics!  I LOVED every product in the box.  My girls enjoyed the Lush bath soap for kids.  It also smelled great and they liked watching bubbles form from a a solid bar of soap rather than liquid bubbles.  The body butter is luxurious, very moisturizing, and smells great.  I plan to purchase all of these products again.  

Since then I have also purchased The Karma Kreme body lotion.  It smells great and absorbs quickly.  Everyone in my house uses it.  I purchased my husband a shampoo bar.  He was a little apprehensive since it is a bar, rather than a liquid from a bottle, but he seems to like it.  The smell is almost too strong though so next time I'll probably get a different type.  I'm not sure which one I purchased him but I don't see it as being available any longer on their website.  

So my overall conclusion about Lush Cosmetics is that I love their body products and hate their cosmetics.  I will buy their lotions, bath bombs, shampoo bars, and children's soap again as well as try other body products.  I am definitely steering very clear of their cosmetics for the time being.  All the products I mentioned would make great gifts.  I'm definitely buying bath bombs as gifts for upcoming birthdays this year.  If you haven't shopped for Valentine's Day yet then head to Lush!  Speaking of Valentine's Day, I hope everyone has a great one! 

Have you tried Lush Cosmetics yet?  What have you tried and did you like it?


*All products mentioned in this review were personally purchased or gifted to the blogger.
*Stock photos are courtesy of Lush Cosmetics and found on their website.  Other photos are courtesy of the blogger
*This was an independent, non sponsored review.  

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hair Paraphernalia - Nume

I had a cheap hairdryer until it started to smell and stopped working, ya know, that morning when I was running late, with a wet head.  I took my mom's hair dryer for a little while, and what do ya know, one day that one wouldn't turn on, same as the first!  I think the universe was trying to tell me something at this point.  I always thought a hair dryer was just a hair dryer, and anything more than $14.99 was too much to spend!  Actually, I am an outcast, and rarely use a hair dryer, since it takes so long to dry my hair and it makes it frizzy.  I'm an air dry kinda gal, and I totally go to bed with a wet head, and can picture my grandmother telling me not to, proclaiming,
"you'll get sick walkin' around with a wet head!"  

Let's back up a couple months.  Since I'm a youtube-aholic, a video or two convinced me to purchase a new straightening iron!  Yes my hair is naturally pin straight, but a straightener gets out a random wave halfway down my head, gloriously smooths the hair, and cleans up the ends for a sleek look!  My Nume Megastar flatiron is amazing!  My old ceramic iron has since been given away.

So after two rushed mornings of no way to dry my hair due to low cost dryers, I bit the bullet!  I found a promo code and placed my order for the Nume Signature hair dryer, and it is fantastic!
It dries my hair it record time!  Also, the frizzies do not appear.

It arrived in cute hat box type packaging.  The pack rat that I am kept the box.  Why, just why?

Nume Signature ionic hair dryer in turquoise
Nume Megastar Flatiron in black

Another thing I definately recommend is to add Nume's Argan Oil after straightening yourhair.  I even sometimes add it to the straightest parts of my hair near my crown when wearing it curly, to give shine.   Nume Argan Oil does not construe my thin ends to a greasy point, like other brands have done.  It adds radiance and reflective shine to my locks!  No other smoothing lotion, shine serum, etc has created a shiny smooth look like I've experienced with Nume's Argan Oil!

(photo courtesy of

I decided to go all or nothing, and later purchased a curling wand set called Titan 3 as well.

Nume's Titan 3 comes with three attachments of different sizes that snap onto the base, delivering you the choice of what size curl you care to achieve!  A heat resistant glove is also included.  Now I can eeny-meeny-mino-mo to decide if I want large loose curls, waves, or a tailored tighter curl look, which is still loose in my opinion and in no way 'Shirley Temple' tight!  Does anyone remember her?

Titan 3 curling wands
(Don't fret! A post on the Calista hot rollers you see in the background is soon to come!)
 Nume Titan 3 curling wand set in purple

The styling products come in a matte finish.  They look a tad bit more sophisticated if you ask me!

In my opinion, Nume is the promo code goddess, constantly sending me emails about unbelievable discounts.  I thought I was #NumedOut, up to my eyeballs in the products when I take a look around, but I thought wrong.  An email had a promo code to receive the White Truffle Shampoo and Conditioner for $21!  Not each, $21 total (which included shipping) for a 16 fl oz. bottle of shampoo and also a 16 fl oz. bottle of conditioner.  These hair products retail for $49 each bottle!
I'm telling you Nume is the promo code goddess.

I have tried the shampoo and condition, and was surprised but happy they don't have a scent while using!  That is a good thing though since most scents are artificial and too strong!  They do smell delightful in the bottle.  They work well, but nothing super extraordinary.
A big plus is they are paraben and paraffin free!

As you can tell, I'm hooked on Nume!
Largest Titan 3 wand used

                                           Megastar Flatiron used plus Argan Oil                                    

 I highly recommend the Nume products, especially the Argan Oil!
Nume provides promo codes often, and it is worth it!


*All Nume items mentioned above were personally purchased and not sponsored by the company.  Price promotions offered change often.

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