Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mirrored Ink Blot Dresses

I actually love symmetrical looks and I know things in threes are in style for home decor, but as for fashion I prefer symmetry!

Last summer I came across a white dress adorned with pastel scroll like shapes at Arden B.  The image was mirrored, meaning identical on the right and left sides of the dress. I happened to love the array of colors on the dress, and the light pastel colors created a lighter feel to the look and could be accessorized with diamond jewelry, also white, or one of the many colors within the dress!

Dress: Arden B Mirrored Scroll

I wore it with white wedge shoes, but a colored shoe would also pull the look together!  This dress is actually what opened my mind up to wearing white more often, and I now buy a lot more pieces in crisp white than I ever did prior to this dress find!

Las Vegas June 2014

Another one of my purchases last summer was a similar mirrored dress, or ink blog dress, as I prefer to call it!  It is high neck with mainly black and white and some muted color.  It is adorned with hummingbirds and butterflies and I just loved it!

Forever 21 Mirrored Botancial Bodycon Dress

It wasn't long after, I found a bright colored dress of a similar style in TJ Maxx! The bold colors are so happy and summer like, and it can be worn day or night!  Last summer I paired the bright dress with neon yellow jewelry from Forever 21 for a fun summer night out in Aruba!

Dress Brand: Soprano     Aruba August 2014

I have since purchased neon yellow patent pointed toe heels by Calvin Klein that would go well with the colors of this dress! (Also found at TJ Maxx!)

Calvin Klein pumps (photo courtesy of

I refer to these as my ink blot dresses because they remind me of the stereotypical psychology ink blog test where you are questioned with what image appears.  Even though the dress images are actually recognizable, I think the name suits each dress.  

This summer, I've seen both a lot of mirrored dresses, as well as random floral print with no order. Random prints whether floral or geometric seem to create a flat look, where as a mirrored images tend to draw the eye to a woman's curves.  I prefer extenuating my curves and love mirrored prints!  Actually, I even like having the same width bracelet on each wrist if not the exact same thick width bracelet on each wrist, even though I don't wear it often.   The symmetry just pulls a look together, in my eyes anyway.

The above three dresses are quite unconventional, since neutrals and solids are easier for every day looks, but fashion should be fun!  Feel free to share your favorite dress from your closet!


*All products mentioned were personally purchased and not endorsed by the companies.

Note: Arden B is no longer in business, but was owned by the same owner of Wet Seal.  I hold on tightly to all my previous purchases from Arden B since I loved the quality of most of their items!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Clear Raincoats

Clear raincoats have been seen on the fashion runways for years, but to see them in person and in department stores was unexpected!  When I think about it, they are functional and don't hide your outfit, but I can't decide what I think.  Penny for your thoughts?

As a child, I had a shiny rubber duck yellow one with a matching hat.  I think I still have the hat. Truth be told, it is quite hard to dress stylish on rainy days, so maybe this trend is a good one!  

I saw Nordstrom carrying the three below:

Gold glitter Transparent Plastic Rain Jacket(photo courtesy of

found here
(photo courtesy of

found here
(photo courtesy of

I would have never considered actually buying or wearing such a coat, but walking through TJ Maxx, as I'm known to do, I spotted a bright yellow lace jacket and when I got closer I saw the yellow lace was the under layer of a clear see through plastic coat!  Interesting, I thought as I continued pushing my cart, but then I saw a white lace one hidden behind it and I liked it!

I pictured myself off on a vacation running and laughing through the cobblestone streets trying to capture a picture of a rainbow I saw over the ocean over by the peak of the volcano, completely dry while everyone else was taking cover inside rum tasting and t-shirt shops along the cobblestone street.  Maybe the reason I shop is because it whisks me to adventures far far away in my mind.  I digress.  I knew I had a black plaid rain coat but that was for colder weather trips.  I also have a khaki trench but that was more dressy.  This clear and white pretty lace lined coat would work if i was in a rain forest or during a quick sun shower during summer travels!  It doesn't actually say water resistant, but it has a hood and pockets.  Needless to say, I bought it.

brand: My Jane
(blogger's photo)

Would you wear a transparent coat this season?


*Please note no products mentioned were endorsed or sponsored.  The My Jane coat was personally purchased.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kimono Cardigans

Kimono cardigans are one of my favorite trends right there.  They are pretty and functional for spring when you need to layer, yet they are comfortable and appear effortless.  They are just so chic and easy to pair with everything!

I have two and I am on the hunt for a floral, chiffon one.  I have one that is black with a gold and red Aztec print.  I like it and Aztec is very in this spring, but I am trying to be more adventurous and stay away from so much black right now.  I like to pair it with black leggings and a long tank top for an easy look.  I have also worn it with black shorts and a graphic t shirt.  The second one I have is navy blue, with a white Aztec embroidered design, and long beautiful fringe.  It pairs well with jeans and a tank top and also solid maxi dresses.  I have a navy and white striped dress that I eventually plan to wear it with too.  Today I wore it with black leggings and a royal blue, long sleeved t shirt.  I didn't get any good pictures but hopefully you get the idea!

I was at H&M today and they had several gorgeous kimono sweaters but I couldn't commit to just one.  I am picky about floral prints and need it to have both some blue and pink in it to match what I already have.  I also want it to be chiffon so hopefully it doesn't need ironing and doesn't wrinkle.  My navy one gets wrinkled in the back after I sit or drive and that drives me crazy.  I hate wrinkled clothes.  Anyway, I saw this one and nearly got it.  They also had one with a larger floral print but it looked a little too much like my Grandma's curtains, know what I mean?  In my opinion, floral can go from pretty to drab very quickly.  And while I kept eyeing this one, I was unsure and generally try not to buy things that I don't absolutely love, so maybe I will go back tomorrow and get it.  We'll see!

What do you think? Buy it or keep shopping?  Comment below and let me know!


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*The first two photos are courtesy of the blogger.  The final one is courtesy of H&M.  This is an independent, non sponsored review.  All opinions are that of the blogger.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lokai Bracelet

As a Mom and a wife, I often struggle with finding balance.  Somebody always needs me, there is a constant list of things to be done, things I am forgetting to do, and the battle of keeping up with the house.  I constantly feel overwhelmed and some days struggle with comparing myself to others and even to myself in the past, ie. "the old me would not have forgotten that or left the house such a mess." It's a battle for sure.  I am a recovering sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and that struggle is generally at my fore front.  This year one of my goal's was to find calmness and a better sense of balance in my life.  I am always looking for ways to better juggle *ahem* balance things so when I came across gorgeous pictures of Lokai bracelets (which I didn't know the name of yet) photographed along side pretty sunsets, beaches, or even everyday activities.  In some of the photos the bracelets are being used as frames for items in the photographs. I knew that I needed to find out more.  What is this magic bracelet that reminds people to stop and enjoy life?!

I also noticed that the beads of the bracelet are mostly clear except for one white bead and one black bead.  I didn't know why but the beads look beautiful in photographs and I can see why people like to hold them up to frame things in the photo.  I also noticed that the vast majority of the photos did not include selfies.  Instead, people are trying to show beauty around them...or at least that's how I saw it.  I was intrigued and quickly learned that these bracelets are Lokai bracelets.

I visited the Lokai website where I learned about the Lokai bracelet story.  On every Lokai bracelet there is one black bead equidistant from a white bead, like I had noticed.  The black bead holds a tiny bit of mud from the Dead Sea.  This bead is to remind the wearer to stay hopeful even when you are at a low point, as the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth.  The white bead holds water from Mount Everest.  The white bead reminds the wearer to stay humble even when they are on top of the world.  Thus, the black bead, across from the white bead, and all the clear beads of the circular shape of the bracelet represent life and being in balance.  Sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down, but there's lots of in between to appreciate too.  

After reading the Lokai Story I had to order a bracelet.  After all, I can't say no to cute jewelry and especially can't pass up jewelery that reminds me to enjoy life and to stop humble and hopeful.  

The Lokai bracelet is $18 and mine arrived in roughly a week.  I ordered a size small and it definitely fits true to size.  My wrists are tiny and it fits just right.  I almost wish it had another 1/4 inch to it but the medium would probably be too big for me.

I am a little disappointed in the beads of the bracelet because they are made of a rubbery material.  I was expecting beads.  The beads are fused together and definitely more durable than beads would be, so that's a plus.  I don 't have to worry about taking it off to wash my hands.  I also wish that I could somehow see the water from Mt. Everest and the mud from the Black Sea.  I know that would have been hard to design and accommodate into a bracelet but hey, a girl can dream.  

Overall I am glad that I ordered my Lokai bracelet.  It is a fun accessory and so far I have looked for opportunities to step back and reflect on my current place and what's going on in my life.  I try to keep balanced and not focus incessantly on the negative.

Today my Lokai moment was remaining hopeful and admiring the beautiful blue sky.  If you buy a Lokai bracelet then you can hashtag #LiveLokai and your photo may be featured on their website. 


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*This product was personally purchased and all opinions are that of the blogger.  This was a non sponsored review.  Photos courtesy of except for the last which is courtesy of the blogger. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Beauty Corner/MakeUp Storage

You may have seen the makeup artist or beauty product junkies of the YouTube world film videos giving a tour of their makeup rooms.  How I store my makeup is not much different, although I have  1/16th of the amount of products, and wouldn't want it any other way!  I used to do my makeup out of a makeup bag, with a cup full of brushes sitting next to it on my bathroom counter.  Once I had too many shadows to fit, and a 2nd foundation, I upgraded to small plastic bins from Target or Walmart.  The bins didn't fit well on my counter, and I could never get to what I needed without digging underneath something else.  I needed easy access to not waste time when getting ready.  That time would prove to be more valuable designated to my wardrobe instead.  I decided I wanted a vanity, like the kind you see in magazines or in little girls rooms with the  glass top and stool.   In all honesty though, it wasn't the most efficient for my liking.  They weren't long enough and could fill up quickly.  I went back and forth with this debate.  My bathroom setup at the time was with an Ikea mirror that hinged out from the wall so I could use my eyeliner closeup without bending over the counter into the mirror.  The vanity would have me sitting down and bending over, knocking things off the table with my elbow.  I decided to just buy a desk where I could place a portable mirror atop to see close up, and use the desk drawers for my makeup.  I didn't want to be bending down into a deep bottom desk drawer, while reaching around a keyboard pullout area.  I went to IKEA to follow in the beauty YouTubers footsteps, but with my own hop in my step.  I settled on the white MICKE desk, which had two drawers.

purchase from Ikea here

I also purchased the Alex 9 drawer piece where I could organize my makeup by type and access it while applying but keep things out of eyesight.  I didn't want a counter full of items anymore, and they should be stored away until use.

purchase from Ikea here

I couldn't love my setup more!  I can access what I need within easy reach and it doesn't look like a disaster each morning when I'm finished applying!

The hole in the desk for computer wires is the perfect size to house my hair dryer!  The back of the desk even has a lip to keep cords off the ground and out of view.  I even had room to set up my computer on this desk to save space!  My hair appliances even fit! No more digging under the cabinet and unwrapping and rewrapping cords.

Before I could load my new drawers, I purged my older products.  These were buried in bins and never seen. I had held onto these but knew I wouldn't use them and they were most likely way past their expiration dates.  This is why I wanted things easily seen, so they weren't forgotten and I wouldn't buy duplicates or over buy products anymore!

garbage pile

I didn't' need to buy those fancy plastic makeup holders.  I used glass vases with rocks for my brushes.

I used utensil holders, box tops, and to go containers I had lying around to separate each drawer by product type.

The FACE drawer
foundations, concealers, powders, blushes, and bronzers

The EYE drawer
shadows, lashes, etc.

The LIP drawer
Yes I love light pink shades!
I even used Dollar Tree ice cube trays to organize some lipsticks.
Ice cube trays also work great for individual shadows, if you don't have any Z plalettes.
I might rearrange my eye drawer and add an ice cube tray.
All in all, this set up dups as a laptop desk and hair station as well.  I love my beauty corner!

*All products mentioned were personally purchased and this post was not sponsored by a company.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Mavi Jeans

Last year, I really got into the color mint green.  I very much wanted to find a pair of mint skinny jeans.  My friend sent me a link to a pair she saw on a site she frequently online shopped called  The jeans were by the brand Mavi.  I had never heard of them before, but 6pm had a good return policy so I took a shot and ordered them.  The jeans arrived and were almost custom made for my shape!  I liked the way they fit in every way!  I immediately ran to my computer and looked at what other colors were offered.  I placed another order within the hour and chose mauve mist and yellow.

Mavi Serena

I had also ordered a pair of coated plum pair, but even though they were the same brand they fit slightly different.  They would have worked, but I try to only add items to my wardrobe that I absolutely love!   Although the photos make them look cotton, the pairs I kept are just a regular jean material.  Of course colored jeans starting popping up everywhere shortly after, but the fit of these is incomparable.  I have only tried the Serena cut, and they are made for me!  I haven't seen this brand in stores, but I check 6pm occasionally and am hoping they come out with light baby blue.


*Products mentioned were personally purchased and not sponsored by the company.  The two photos above are courtesy of

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

E.L.F Skincare Line Review

One of my favorite bargain beauty brands is e.l.f, or "Eyes. Lips.Face."  I discovered it a couple of years ago at Target.  I didn't have much faith in a brand with a products priced 30-50% less than similar products by other drug store brands, but I was very surprised by the eye lash curler and lip glosses that I purchased and became loyal to the brand.  In January of 2015 e.l.f announced that it was launching a skin care line.  I was so excited that I signed up to receive some of the items released during the pre launch.

The e.l.f Skincare line consists of four products:  Illuminating Eye Cream, Skincare Soothing Serum, Daily Hydration Moisturizer, and Nourishing Night Cream.  I signed up for e.l.f to send me their Illuminating Eye Cream and Nourishing Night Cream.

This year I am really focused on improving my skin and have been trying out different products to help my under eye circles, puffiness, and fine lines.  I was really hopeful that e.l.f's eye creams would help or at least be comparable to the other products I have been using.

When the products arrived I couldn't wait to try them.  The packaging is sleek and beautiful.  Photos really don't do the products justice.  They look like they would be much more expensive than they are, which is $10.00 and $12.00 respectively.  I used the night cream that evening.  It was not as thick and creamy as I was expecting and smelled a little funny.  Thankfully the smell went away quickly after I applied it.  I was worried that my eyes would look greasy in the morning because the product didn't seem to absorb very quickly.  It did absorb though and I woke up with soft skin.  My skin is sensitive and there was no redness or irritation which is fantastic.

That next morning I tried the illuminating eye cream.  Again, it was lighter than I anticipated but it absorbed quickly and I wasn't waiting around to start my makeup.  However, I was so disappointed to find that there is nothing illuminating about it.  There were no light diffusing particles nor did my under eye circles appear lighter or the puffiness any smaller.

I tried to remain positive about the skincare products being that I am loyal to e.l.f makeup.  After about a week of using both products, morning and night, I moved them from the shelf in my bathroom to the bottom drawer...where products get banished when I don't like them.  I had such high hopes for the e.l.f skincare line but honestly, I saw no difference from using them rather than my daily store brand facial moisturizer.  The positives were that they both moisturized, absorbed fully, and did not irritate my sensitive skin.  And while I wish I could say more positive things about them, I just can't.  Yes, they moisturized but that's about all they did.  I will not be purchasing again, nor would I recommend the skincare products.

Have you tried any of the e.l.f Skincare products?  What are your thoughts?  Leave me a comment or tweet me and let me know!


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*Photos courtesy of e.l.f Makeup and Cosmetics.  This review was not sponsored.  All opinions are that of the blogger and the products mentioned were personally purchased.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

DIY Fringe Scarf

This week I want to share a fun and easy fashion DIY with you.  Fringe is in right now and scarves are a great transitional piece for the spring season so I want to show you a super easy, and fun fringe scarf that you can make at home in just a few minutes!
All you need is a larger size men's t shirt in a color or pattern that you like and scissors.  I purchased an extra large, super soft, purple men's t shirt from a thrift shop for a dollar.
Lay the shirt down and smooth out any bumps and wrinkles.  Align all seams and straighten out the sleeves.  Now you are ready to go!
Here is a picture of the directions:

So carefully out the shirt horizontally across the chest  right under the sleeves.  You can then cut a few inches off the bottom if you don't want the fringe to be super long.  Next cut vertical slits through both sides of the shirt.  Don't make them too narrow or they may rip!  Separate the fringe and pull each strand individually.  Voila!  You are done!
Here is mine:

This whole thing took me maybe 10 minutes and cost a dollar.  I think it would even be cute layered with another color.  Next time I will use a size smaller shirt though.  I am petite with narrow shoulders and the opening is kind of a weird size for me.  

And backing up a bit, the original photo directions have floated around Pinterest for awhile now.  I couldn't find the original poster to credit.  Anyone know?


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*First photo courtesy of Pinterest.  Second photo courtesy of the blogger.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I tend to always have a pair of sunglasses with me.  I always kept them in a drawer somewhere and could never find the one pair I was looking for on my way out.  I saw some ideas online and dug a couple of old picture frames out of my basement.  I positioned some rope, and wanted a solid colored backing so I could see what color was what.  I hung these on the side wall of my closet to keep all my sunglasses in one spot.  I love storage solutions, and this was an easy ten minute project!

I also hung a vintage purse, my body chains and waterfall necklace, a vintage hat, and my head chains and head bands!

I never sprung for a designer pair of sunglasses, because, well, a huge designer case doesn't exactly fit in a wristlet!  I also don't know how I'd avoid them getting scratched by sand at the beach, and wouldn't want to dive through waves while wearing them!  Yes I do that!  My eyes are sensitive, so I pretty much don't remove them when outdoors.  Big floppy hats eliminate raccoon eye tan lines, but I have always worn sunglasses so I can see more than for a fashion statement.  I have a small face, so when the celebrity gigantic glasses hit the fashion scene a few years back, I happened to fit right in since all sunglasses take up almost my whole face.  Recently though, I have enjoyed the look they bring to an outfit.  Last year I bought some aviator style glasses, and I favor aviators over the large thick plastic rims made to hide celebs from paparazzi.  I even like the mirrored colored lenses, and purchased a blue/purple pair.

This year I debated whether I wanted either a cat eye style, or the Ray Ban 'wayfare' type.  I have seen this style in a variety of colors, and also with metal over the nose and not plastic.   I think my newest pair is more along the lines of  they 'wayfare' style, but maybe with a hint of cat eye shape.  This pair is narrow and I really like how they fit!  The glasses are by Ivanka Trump, whose shoe line I absolutely love, as I've mentioned here!  The calf width of her boots are narrow, and also the width of her sunglasses!  I never even knew she had a sunglass line until I came across this pair, but I love them!

Ivanka Trump IT 030 10 Black

They are my new favorites for this upcoming summer!


*All photos above are courtesy of the blogger, and products mentioned were personally purchased and not sponsored by the company.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

My Favorite Sports Bras

I am passionate about fitness.  That's why I incorporate it into my daily life, and that's why I became a Beachbody coach!  I talked about my opinion of the Best Workout Pants Ever not long ago, but what's also important are your undergarments while working out. I started wearing sports bras during 10th and 11th grade track practice.  I don't think I wore them for over ten years after and just threw out those same gray cotton sports bras just last year!  Gross!  I only remember there being cotton sports bras in black, white, or heather gray.  Maybe that's why I thought they all fit the same too!  When I started to work out in Sept 2013, I went to Target and got some size small sports bras off the sale rack, gray and black but stretchy wicking fabric this time.  The more I studied fitness, the more I saw fashionable and colorful sports bras worn by females in fitness.  Also, the more I washed my two rotating sports bras, the wider the elastic band got, and the day I tried to jump rope for the first time since the elementary school playground was the day I realized my sports bras were doing nothing for me!  I went back to target and tried on an XS.  I jumped up and down in the dressing room a time or two and noticed I may as well have been wearing nothing!  Despite the loose fit, I almost called for help when I couldn't finagle my arms out of the thing and both arms were stuck over my head constrained by this elastic that was so tight, yet held nothing in place when it was fully around my torso.  I eventually maneuvered it off and left the store empty handed and exhausted from the workout I had jumping and trying to get out of this contraption.  Let me correct myself, I never leave Target empty handed, but I had no fitness apparel in my bags this go around.

That's when I did some observing and some internet browsing, and a lot of trial and errors ensued in dressing rooms across the tri-county area.  There was no way I was going to feel confident in my workout clothes allowing me to be able to focus on form and mentally prepare myself to work toward reaching my fitness goals if I felt like I may or may not appear on the next People of Walmart's site while working out.  Game on.  I also didn't want my daily hard work to be healthy and fit, which is luckily accompanied by a better body, to only add gravity to my chesticles from cardio moves.  Defeating the purpose is not in my game plan to get fit!  I would not stop until I found the best sports bra.

I have a narrow torso, and a short torso and shoulder area.  It's funny I have had this body over 30 years and didn't know I had short shoulders, I guess I'll call it!  Even if I found a secure elastic band under my girls, I had no support because the straps were too long so to say.  I realized I had to find adjustable straps.  Adjustable straps that are thick enough to not dig in and leave shoulder marks?  Did they even exist? I needed XS straps with a S cup area.  I didn't need top overflow like the XS provided.  Forget about bending to pick up a weight in that outfit or quadraboobs appeared creating a butt under my chin.  Just call me a busted can of biscuits but way up under my chin.  I try not to create reasons for people to stare at the gym of all places.

Along with the best compression leggings of all time, Victoria's Secret's innovations took the lead again!  I purchased the 2 for $49 sports bras.  My first purchase did not have adjustable straps.  The waist elastic actually sits quite low too.  I loved the back in both look and comfort, as opposed to the common racer back cut sports bras.  They actually fit quite well.  (I own the hot pink, teal with neon yellow accents, and pink and white horizontal stripe colors.)

Victoria's Secret the Player Open-back sports bra (medium support)(photo courtesy of

Next I bought one with thin adjustable straps during a semi-annual sale.  It does tend to reveal some cleavage while teaching my PiYo classes.  This one is tight enough to do it's job!  (I own the black and checkered ingram pattern, orchid, and neon orange colors.)

                                     Victoria's Secret the Player Cami sports bra (minimum support)                                                   (photo courtesy of

I ordered this next one thinking the hooks along the bottom front would be ideal instead of fighting to get a sweaty sports bra over my head each night.   The sizing is the same as a bra size which gives many more options!  I loved that it would give me a shape without flattening too!  I couldn't wait to get it in the mail to try on so I could order even more! It was a disappointment.  It was so hard to get the material over my head before wrapping the sides around to hook, and then I couldn't see where the hooks went after getting that far.  Taking it off and on every time would be too time consuming, and I might have pulled an arm muscle while trying.  

Victoria's Secret Ultimate Cross-Train Sports Bra (Maximum support)(photo courtesy of
Thumbs Down!

Luckily I had also ordered the Ultimate (not cross-train).  The straps can be crossed in the back, or stand horizontal like a regular bra.  In other words, It can be put on like a regular bar, totally avoiding any over the head struggling!  It has plastic underwire, giving me a shape.  No more pancakes!  This style is also ordered according to bra size and not S,M, L.  The straps aren't as thin as the Cami above, so the added support is great!  My one pet peeve was that the cups didn't fit super snug against my skin, so I would have to size down in cup size but since they didn't have my size so I don't own the style below. 

    Victoria's Secret Ultimate sports bra (Maximum support)
(photo courtesy of

I instead exchanged it for the Angel.  It is the same look as the Ultimate pictured above but has a double strap cross-back and no option for classic strap.  The plastic under wire gives a beautiful shape, but it is hard to get on and off.  You can't have it all! (I own the heather-ed purple color and neon orange.)
Victoria's Secret Angel Sports Bra (medium support)
                                                     (photo courtesy of

I recently visited the store to try the front-zip, which sounded up my alley!
The big debate here is the Incredible vs the Knockout.

        Victoria Secret Sport Incredible Front Close             Victoria Secret Sport Knockout Front-Close
                                       (photos courtesy of

Surprisingly, there were enough things that I loved that I got both, but I wanted to list out the facts when comparing for you to be aware:
-Knockout and Incredible     Has under wire!
-Knockout and Incredible     No over head struggle!
-Knockout     Has built in cups that clasp in the front that is covered by the front zip 
-Incredible    Has a hook and eye close and also zipper. (The hook and eye just gets in the way and is unnecessary, can't even be fastened, and makes it hard to zip the zipper up or down if hooked closed.) It does have a V neck for even better shape!
-Knockout    I did some yoga moves in the dressing room and I felt an irritating seam rubbing me wrong on my back but the worst part was the front close plastic clip rubbed a bone felt a little tighter to inhale.  
-Incredible   The straps are a little too thick!  They dug into my collarbone tightly when I raised my   arms, and twisted on the metal clips, made loud creaking sounds, but I could inhale, and I would probably not notice when not focusing on it.
Ugh doesn't anyone test these things out before mass production?

 Either way, I still absolutely loved the way I was held in and really loved the shape they gave me so I got the dark charcoal gray Incredible, and the employee ordered the Knockout front-close in ink blot/neon yellow/black colorblock!
(That color has multi strap back and the others in the Knockout style have racerback).
I don't know why they don't call it something else to lessen the confusion!
  (photos courtesy of

The above were purchased at

Investing in sports bras that fit and are of good quality body-wick nylon is worth your money!
Just months ago, I would have thought this was ludicrous!
"Y'all gon make me loose my mind, up in here, up in here."
Wait, that's DMX, not Ludacris.
"1, 2 meet me outside."

These are items that don't hold onto stench, and can handle a good amount of wear and tear from washing!  I recommend to those who workout 4+ times a week.

While on the subject, you can see that undergarments are no laughing matter.  In Target, I did pick up a few things more recently, but different from the ones I originally spoke about that didn't work for my body type.  This is a more stretchy material and can be layered, or worn on lower impact days. Most importantly are the cotton lined seamless undies I found 3 for $10. There are perfect to wear under my leggings because I don't feel them, but have an extra layer.  These are no hassle, no lines can be seen, and they stay in place!
purchased at

Comment or send me a tweet to let me know your favorite sports bras too!


*All products mentioned were personally purchased and this post was not sponsored by the companies.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bandanna Necklaces and Monograms

Earlier this week the Zoe Report talked about bandanna necklaces starting to take over for statement necklaces.  Bandannas tied around the neck, either rolled and worn closely tied to the neck, or folded in a triangle and worn in the traditional bandanna sense are now replacing statement necklaces with Ts or cropped tops.  I'm not going to lie, I was pretty against the whole bandanna thing when I initially heard about it.  Surely, I can't be the only one who had the initial reaction of "seriously, bandannas...isn't that a little too kitschy?!"  I admit that I totally dismissed it until I saw it again on Harper's Bazaar Spring 2015 Trends List and again on Pop Sugar.  By the time I saw it on Pop Sugar I was more convinced that it could be done in a more grown up, trendy way and not just straight cow girl.  Here's one of the photos that convinced me, courtesy of katreeeens of Instagram.
I love that she paired her polka dot bandanna with a moto jacket, wide brimmed hat, and lots of rings.  Wide brimmed hats are also huge right now, as well as the rings.  Moto jackets are always in and the sweet polka dots contrast beautifully with the rough, rocker essence of the jacket.  I love her look.

The second emerging trend that I find fun and interesting is monogramming shirts with your name or initials.  Of course the south has been monogramming everything for forever, but adults in monogrammed shirts is a new take on an old southern favorite.  Harper's Bazaar showed Gigi Hadid wearing a monogrammed shirt on April 3, 2015 and she looked absolutely adorable.  I don't know that I would personally repeat the sheer with the black bra underneath, but she looked super cute.
I think this same sheer shirt, monogrammed, would look adorable as a bathing suit cover up, tucked into wide leg pants, or warn as a cardigan over a maxi dress.  Both bandannas as necklaces and monogrammed shirts are very wearable and can be done a hundred different ways.  I am now excited to try both out soon and will post pictures to show you!  What about you?  Have you tried either trend?  Planning on it?

And hey, yet again I am featuring outfits in Black and White.  I did the same thing on Friday...It's safe to say that I obviously know what I like!  


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*Photos courtesy of Harper's Bazaar and katreeeens on Instagram via Pop Sugar.  Opinions are that of the blogger and this is a non sponsored review.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Wide Leg Pants...Finally!

I admit that I have been anxiously awaiting the end of skinny jeans for awhile.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE them but I hate shopping for them and I hate that I always end up having to get mine heavily tailored.  I think they are flattering on almost every body type and can be worn almost anywhere but with  that being said, they have been very popular for awhile now and I have been ready to see some new silhouettes for a couple of seasons now.

I am so excited that wide leg, straight leg and subtle flare legs are back.  I am looking forward to buying a pair of flares and straight legged pants and reworking my closet with them.  I'm also seeing a lot of palazzo pants.  I am petite so palazzo pants are hard for me to pull off.  They can be very overwhelming on shorter frames and again, I would probably have to get them hemmed.  This time around lots of the palazzo pants I am seeing have details on the bottom so hemming isn't even a good option.  Palazzo pants are easy to confuse with wide leg pants and joggers.  Oh, how I love joggers!  See how much I love joggers here.  Anyway, basically palazzo pants are wide leg pants that usually have an elastic or drawstring waist and are made from light weight, flowing fabrics.  Here's an example of I pair I like on Asos.  I love the bottoms and wish I was tall enough for them.

Wide leg pants can have a zipper and buttom and generally are more tailored in the waist than palazzo pants.  I love them paired with a classic tucked in buttoned shirt or a T shirt and cropped jacket.  Wide legged styles give so many options to play around with proportions.  I find wide legs to be very chic.  These are also available on Asos.  

A subtle flare is a great compromise between a skinny fit and a wide leg.  I see them as being like the gateway pants to wide legged trousers.  They are fitted up top which a lot of women like but the slight width on the bottom balances out hips and gives more footwear options.  Express has some cute pairs right now.  I want to try these on:
They are so classic and the fabrics are Express are amazing.  

And lastly, I can't mention wide leg pants without mentioning culottes.  I just say no to culottes.  I am completely ignoring their existence this time around.  They are not flattering and are difficult to pair with a top of jacket.  

Culottes are the capri or cropped version of wide leg pants.  I have seen them in Elle and Vogue recently and they look so swank when styled by a professional.  They need to be left to professionals or ladies over six feet tall.  They never, in my opinion, look good on anyone else.  These are available on Asos in several different fabrics and not just leather.

I just can't.  Really, really can't.  Kudos to anyone who can though!

Now that my post is finished, I am just noticing that every photo I chose to use has clothes in black and white.  Black and white is my ultimate favorite fashion color combination and I naturally tend to gravitate towards it.  Obviously!  Black and white is so classic and so fun to play around with.  I just had to point that out.


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*This is a non sponsored review.  Photos courtesy of Asos and Express.  All opinions are that of the blogger