Monday, December 14, 2015

Lusting over LUSH

After all this time and gifting multiple products by LUSH, I finally used LUSH myself for the first time, thanks to Michelle!  We met for brunch, which we often do, and she surprised me with an unbelievable gift!  I have to say the presentation wrapping was GORG!  What a fun way to wrap a gift!

The gift wrapped in a headwrap, in my favorite aqua color I might add, contained 4 LUSH products!
I always wanted to try the bath bombs & she had picked out two for me!
She even customized her choosing based on my fitness soreness from lifting, since one contains salts which help relieve muscle soreness.
Michelle chose White Sea Salt Bath Bomb and Honey Bee Bath Bomb.
I thought the bath bombs would be my most loved products, but the smell of the Karma Kream is delightful!  It is pathouli scented but it reminds me of an orange scent and it's so refreshing!  I keep it on my nightstand, which I never did keep lotion there before, but I love applying it before I go to sleep to put me in a happy calming place before I drift off to sleep for the night.  The Santa Belly jelly soap was enjoyable but nothing to repurchase, as it didn't lather all that much and I kept dropping little red jelly pieces all over the shower floor.  I also didn't know if it was true soap since I barely got any lather so I used normal soap after as well.  The smell was an apple like scent in my opinion.  Children may enjoy it more for the texture and fun gold stars within.   
LUSH also supplied a card with the many ways to use the tie the scarf.  
Such a thoughtful gift and I loved it!!

Pictured below is my first bath bomb experience with the White Sea Salt Bath Bomb, which turned pink!  (no tub staining occurred)

Read Michelle's detailed LUSH review HERE

I love all of the fresh, natural ingredients, and LUSH is highly recommend on my list, especially for gift giving. The aromas from the gift are even better than your favorite baked goods because they last.  They make your car smell amazing on the way home too!

Please note LUSH ingredients are recommended to be used quite soon after purchase, so stocking up for year later is not ideal for some of the products.  Fresh is best!

Visit your store for the smells and the latest rotation of bath bombs offered, as well as demonstrations, and choose a git set already made if you so desire.  LUSH can be purchased in your local store or at

Let me know in the comments what your favorite LUSH products are!

*Please note all products mentioned were purchased and not endorsed, and opinions belong to the blogger.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Too Faced Born This Way- Michelle's Review

I feel like the world has been talking about Too Faced's Born This Way foundation recently.  Erin even tried it and reviewed it which you can read about here.  I am always skeptical of foundation reviews because they normally don't apply to me, as I have freckles and can't use medium or full coverage foundation.  However, reviewers, Erin and other bloggers raved about it so much that I had to try it.

Here are my thoughts about it!  The bottle is beautiful and it cute enough to keep out to admire.  I tried it and as I feared, but tried to ignore, the coverage is too much for freckled skin.  However, it feels luxurious, blends easily with fingers or a makeup sponge and is gorgeous on.  My skin did look fresh even though the full coverage covered my freckles too much.  I did find that it settled into my fine lines after a few hours.  I would have to wear it with primer to help combat the whole wrinkles thing and reblend it around my eyes as the day goes on.  That's true for lots of makeup though.  I had hoped that this magical, raved about foundation would not require primer.  In my mind such a foundation exists and I will continue to search for it.  
In conclusion, Too Faced Born This Way foundation is worth the $39.00 price tag.  It's a great product even though it isn't for me.  I recommend it if you do not have freckled skin!

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*Photos courtesy of the blogger.  This was a non sponsored review.  Opinions belong to the blogger.

Monday, December 7, 2015

MAC vs Purlisse BB Cream

I have red hair and freckles so finding foundation is always a challenge.  Some formulas are too heavy and cover my freckles too much leaving a huge difference between the appearance of freckles on my face and the rest of my body.  I refer to this is "freckle muting."  Freckle muting is a no in my life.  Nothing looks more unnatural than muted freckles on my face and the freckles on the rest of me seem to stand out even more.  No thank you!
During the summer I accidentally discovered Ulta's BB cream.  It gave me just the right amount of coverage and looked specially nice in the summer when I generally don't need as much coverage or wear as much makeup.  When the weather turned colder and my tan faded the color I was wearing, medium, was too dark.  I tried the shade below, light, but it was too light!  Obviously I knew that I could blend my own shade but my mornings are crazy hectic and getting the shade right takes too much time on especially crazy mornings.  So what's a freckled girl to do?
Fate stepped in and Ipsy sent me Pur Lisse Tinted Moist BB Cream.  Holy Batman!  My life is forever changed.  I was hooked from the first application.  It feels like lotion and is as easy to apply and blend as moisturizer.  It gives my skin just enough coverage without being too much and feels wonderful on.  It fits perfectly into my hectic morning since I can apply it so quickly and easily with my fingers.  It's basically the best thing since sliced bread.  I ordered it ASAP...apparently every other Ipsy Glam Bag recipient did too because it was on back order.  I was so bummed!
A few days later I was on my way to LA and had some time to waste at the airport.  I wandered into MAC and decided to try their BB Cream while I waited for my Pur Lisse.  I sampled it in the store and immediately noted that it was not as creamy feeling as Pur Lisse.  It felt more like regular foundation but the light medium color matched my skin tone so I decided to purchase it.  It's ok.  It's good enough but definitely not as wonderful as Pur Lisse.  It doesn't last as long and is harder to apply.  I wouldn't likely purchase again and it isn't really a good value.  In my opinion, a drug store BB cream would probably be just as good.
Pur Lisse for the win!

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*Photos courtesy of the blogger.  This was a non sponsored review.  Opinions belong to the blogger.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Botox or Black Friday?

I was beside myself when I realized that my thoughts were deep into the idea of actually contemplating getting Botox.  I thought cosmetic surgery was never going to be something I desired until I was 'over the hill!'  In my mid thirties, my face has started showing more and more signs of aging.  More recently, my lips have even showed signs, with some feathering and lines appearing around the once definitive outer edges.  With age, the naturally occurring collagen lessens.

Until I mentioned it out loud, I never knew how many people I actually know have gotten either Botox or lip enhancers!  I thought only California actresses got any of that, but it's more common than one might think!  Even girls in their twenties are plumping their lips, but more so for a certain look than for avoidance of age-defiance.

I was set on Botox, or Xeomin which is similar, but the cost.  Oh the cost!  It isn't feasible for me right now.  

My YouTube friend Brianna works for a plastic surgeon in Atlanta.  (I never met her, but she did personally SnapChat me back, which totally made my day and made me feel like a 14 yr old when a boy from a boyband waves in her direction from on stage.  I assume.  I wouldn't know.  I went to school when grunge bands were in.  We wore oversized jeans or JNCOs, flannels over tees, and combat boots.  High fashion nor high pitch screaming girls were not cool.)  Anyway, I learned from Brianna that medical grade skincare is incomparable to over the counter skincare products due to the deeper level of penetration to change the cellular makeup & is not readily available, but the doctor she works for is the best of the best and it is available through him!  I never heard of medical grade skincare until now!

I watched some of her recommendations here  And then I watched more, and more, and this went on for months.  The products were pricey, but injections were even more, and each day that I hesitated my skin was aging another day so the least I could do was try some of the products she was using herself.  I waited for Black Friday  and purchased 5 items, targeting my face and lips.  I went with the brands SkinMedica and Skinceuticals, although my wish list is already full of other products to try! I couldn't narrow down what I wanted but thought I'd start with a few for now and can rotate some in next time I order and depending upin the time of year if my skin reacts well.  I cannot wait to give these a good try and hope to see a difference, if not at least prevent further aging.  

For now, Black Friday beat out Botox for me, and I even got a free eye treatment and a surprise free sample with my purchase!


Add me on SnapChat for both Beauty and Fitness chatter RoeFit or Erin R

Some things can't be mixed so I have to figure out the exact skin care routine I'll be using morning vs. night this winter but I now feel like I have the fountain of youth in my hands. Brianna's channel also detials her current morning and night time routines to give you an idea, & lists 20% codes sometimes as well.  Please let me know if you have tried or will try any!  They can be purchased here !


Please note I have no skin care training and have no knowledge of the products sold on the above site. These were personally purchased and not sponsored, and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Falsies? Really?

I'm here to school you a little bit on in fake eyelashes, not bra stuffing.  Yes I wear fake eyelashes.  Sometimes.  Because it's fun, that's why. 

Actually they aren't fun to put on, but once they are on, bah-bam, totally worth it! They open the eye and add depth to your makeup look, and a sparkle to your eye.  I do love the glam look, but for an al natural look, I'd go without them.

I have always worn Ardell brand fake lashes, all synthetic.  I wore them more so in my party days, but I still enjoy the added glamour for a nice dinner out.  I watch my virtual friends online speak of so many amazing brands, but I have never spent any more than $4 on a pair, and even then I stretched out the number of uses.  House of Lashes Iconic is one of the middle priced pairs that are very popular, and the reason I decided to try them is because so many people recommended their dark colored glue, let alone the lashes.  Ardell glue wasn't my favorite so I ordered the dark glue, a pair of Iconic lashes, and a pair of Bourdoir lashes.  These is the shape and lash style I prefer, although they make many shapes/styles.



I have yet to try the Bourdoir, but I tried The Iconic and my opinion is...drum roll...

They are huge and gorgeous all at the same time!  I wouldn't wear them on the daily because they are over the top for Saturday at Shop Rite of Home Depot, but out in night time restaurant lighting they are stunning!

Both can be purchased at


All products mentioned were personally purchased and not sponsored.  Photos found on

Friday, November 13, 2015

Jumpsuit Journey

Jumpsuits have been in for awhile now and I have been lusting after one!  I think they are so chic and so easy to dress.  I am a huge Project Runway fan and there have been so many cute jumpsuits on recent seasons.  "Kelly From The Deli" who was runner up this past season, season 14, made so many cute, funky jumpsuits and reawakened my semi dormant jumpsuit dream.

In my last post ( read it here ) I talked about trying to find an outfit with bell sleeves and was partly interested in a romper with a bell sleeve.  Well, my search for a romper in the Fall in NJ ultimately led me also trying on jumpsuits.  Prior to this month, I had all but given up on jumpsuits.  I had tried on too many to count without finding one that was right.  Project Runway was fresh in my mind and I was trying to stuff anyway so I figured "why not?" and tried on a few.  As usual, they weren't fitting.  My body is still a weird size and I am petite, only 5'2", so it's hard to find pieces that aren't too long without needing major alterations.

Lo and behold, as I was leaving the mall empty handed, an 80% off sign at Macy's caught my eye.  I stopped to glance through the rack just in case and grabbed a couple dresses to try on.  At that point I was desperate!  I also grabbed two jumpsuits.  I didn't check labels or prices.  At that point as long as it fit and looked ok then it was going home with me.

It was a miracle!  One of the jumpsuits fit me perfectly!  It didn't need hemming, is comfortable, and flatters my changing body.  I actually did a happy dance in the fitting room.  The jumpsuit is by Nicole Miller from her Nicole line.  It was marked down to $15.99!

I ended up wearing it to the wedding I attended in California.  I didn't get many good pictures of myself but here is the best:

I planned on wearing black, patent leather heels but at the last minute switched to sandals because the ceremony was outdoors in a grassy area.  I was afraid of tripping while holding my baby if I wore heels.  i don't think the sandals are awful-  I just always think heels are better!  I accessorized with a sparkly headband from Forever 21 and my sparkliest earrings.  A necklace would have been good too but impossible with a baby.  My lipstick is Mac's Russian Red which is one of their matte shades.  I really like it.


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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Thanks to Michelle's extensive wardrobe and dance background, my Halloween costume came together easily because of her!  It was an easy DYI low budget costume, and gave me a reason to wear an overload of pink!

One of my Beachbody friends posted a link for how to screen print here!  I bought the supplies I needed at Michael's, and gave it a try!

As for my makeup, I first applied the NYX stick in Milk, and added MakeUpGeek's shadow in  Ice Queen.  I added pink NYX lipliner as on my eyes and muted it with pink Loreal shadows.  The final touch of LimeCrime velveteen liquid lipstick in pink velvet topped off the look!  It stayed on so well I woke up with it still on, even after a shower!  I wrote about this lipstick here!

Did you guess my costume yet?  I was Workout Barbie!

Since I'm a health coach for a living, I thought it was fitting, but I also thought of it on a deeper level.  You see, Barbie can be anything she wants to be.  How many different Barbie's did you have growing up?  THIS latest controversial ad really struck me, but not as controversial.  I found it empowering.  The very reason I took the leap to become a Beachbody coach came to mind, and this ad stands behind my beliefs that a person can be anything he or she wants to be and should not conform to society's beliefs.  I coach for my love of helping people.  I coach because I can decide my own goals and reach them for myself.  I coach to make my own rules.  If you are open to hearing about an opportunity to do the same, to be present at home with your family, to make a financial contribution to your family and their future, to be inspirational, to be healthy and get paid to do so, to be your own boss, my team will welcome you!  Check us out HERE!  I coach to achieve happiness in the one life I was given.  I coach to make a difference and leave a legacy, just like Barbie.


*No items mentioned were sponsored, and opinions belong to the blogger.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Spiced NOT!

If you've followed our blog, you know I'm a monthly buyer of all types of products from Vitacost!
I buy food, cleaning products, and skincare products from the Vitacost website, and this was one of the first skin products I tried.
Andalou Naturals Fruist Stem Cell Science Glycolic Mask Brightening Pumpkin Honey 
I have 2 secrets to admit though.

First, I am not a fan of anything pumpkin, except decorations.  I'd pick a chocolate treat over a pumpkin tasting food any day!   I still liked this product, but will try another 'scent' next time.
Second, this is the first time I ever used a face mask!  My skin is showing signs of aging, most likely from years in the sun as a child, so I thought I'd try this out and I love it!  It brings out the dirt and leaves your skin smooth once washed off.  It was easy, as I only left it on for 10 minutes!

I loved the quote too.  "Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world." - Albert Einstein

Andalou has many other products I have saved on my Vitacost wishlist and can't wait to try!

My other post about Vitacost and past purchases can be found here!

Use my link for $10 off your first Vitacost order!


*All items mentioned were personally purchased by the blogger and not sponsored.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Bell Sleeves-LOVE!

It's no secret that the 70s are back.  Boho, maxi skirts and now bell sleeves are in.  I adore bell sleeves.  I always have!  There's just something so fun about them!

Bell sleeves add visual interest to basic dresses.  The silhouette given by bell sleeves is gorgeous.  I love the way that bell sleeves photograph.  While they are fun to add to an everyday outfit, I think they are even more awesome when saved for special events.  I am attending a wedding in a couple of weeks and spent this past week searching for just the right outfit.  Boy, was that a challenge!

Again, I recently had a baby and my body is still "settling" for lack of a better word.  I find bell sleeves so beautiful and with the wedding being the only special occasion on my upcoming calendar, I definitely wanted something with a bell sleeve. I probably tried on 15 different tops and dresses with bell sleeves but didn't purchase any for the wedding.  None of them were functional for that particular day and venue.  In their defense, part of the issue was geography; shopping for a dress in New Jersey for a Fall wedding in Southern California was not easy.  Sweaters and down coats fill our stores but it is still 80 degrees in Orange County.  Whomp whomp!

I pictured myself in a dress or even romper with lace bell sleeves.  I've never owned a romper or anything with lace bell sleeves.  I tried on a few different options but nothing was right.

I tried this blue dress from Francesca's:

I had high hopes that it would fit me but it was a bit long for my petite frame.  The bottom and sleeves would need hemming and I was afraid too much of the lace would be removed to give it the look I like.  The color was beautiful though!

I pictured myself in something like this:

Since I didn't have a lot of time to wait for shipping I tried to find something like it at the mall.  This particular one is one I saw on the Nordstrom's website but I don't live near a Nordstrom so I couldn't try this one on.  I went in nearly every store but nothing fit or was like I pictured.  I was so frustrated!

On a different day I saw a similar dress at Marshalls.  Of course I LOVED the sleeves but they were out of my size.  This one is by Free People and actually much prettier.  I am half tempted to order it.

Anyway, I gave up.  Bell sleeves were not meant to be in my life this month.  I found another outfit with a tulle skirt and cream colored top.  I am still working on shoes but I will post a photo of the whole outfit when I get it together.


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*Photos courtesy of, Francesca's and Free People.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Do you cringe upon fringe?

Things I would have been made fun of for growing up are the most popular things now, and I love everyone's ability to throw away their inhibitions and dress in their unique styles! On the other hand, I feel like everyone dresses the same, and all the stores have the same plaid shirt (that looks like my childhood pajamas).  Fashion is just that, contradictory.  
So many styles are popular nowadays and trends change so often that I feel like for years to come, I will never dress out of style because I'm likely to incorporate at least something that must still be in with the ever changing rotating door of trends.  There are so many options now!  Anything goes in the fashion world, as long as the owner wears it with confidence, and that's how it should be!  After all, it's just material things and doesn't define the wearer.  Even though each season brings a handful of specific must haves, if I wear trends from 2 seasons ago, half of us are still wearing them and I'll still be on fleek.  Wait, that's over with, no one says that anymore.  SMH.  Mixing and matching styles labels Gen X as creative, and I admire Gen X's bravery in fashion.  It helps to know that even though I'm choosing to not update my wardrobe as often, I will still be on trend with a few of my past purchases which people will most likely mix in with the up and coming fashions still unknown.  
One of the Fall 2015 trends is fringe.  My first reaction was a hard no.  HARD.  NO.Why you ask?Think of Kelly Kapowski and cavaricci days.  Too young to relate?  Think 80s baby.  Big hair, stonewash (acidwash) jeans.  (I actually bought a pair of jeans in the 90s with the stone still in the pocket, but now they are called acid wash jeggings).Here's some SAT prep for you.Stretch pants are to leggings as stonewash front pleated jeans are to acidwash skinnies.Tomato=tomatoThis is why fringe had me at a hard no.

(photo found circulating many Pinterest boards)
When YouTube's fall haul videos included fringe, it was not at all flattering to me.  
(First off, denim jackets never match the color blue of my jeans, unless I was to buy and wear an entire matching outfit and wear it often, as in every day I wear my jean jacket.  I hold my stance that I will never like jean jackets).  That aside, my thoughts on these YouTuber's fringe purchases was itchy tickle-y skin all day long.  When the wind blows and my hair brushes my arm that's enough, but to have stringy hairs hitting my arms or legs all day could drive me to drink.  Plus it removes any figure you may have.Just no.  Then the YouTuber's found V shaped fringed tops, crops, dresses, and skirts.  Many looked like Halloween costumes from some cheap store.  Some were made of suede.  I already fell in love in suede before it even took over department stores and low end stores all over the mall this month.  The awakening of the suede fringe is what changed my mind.  My love of suede persuaded me.  I used a pun.I fell for it and bought this faux fringe trim vest in tan at Macy's and thought it'd be cute with jeans, as pictured.  I pictured this pairing to be subtle despite the trend of the ever so common what I will call 'hippie takeover' with low boots, floral flowy dress, a scarf, a headpiece, and colored mis-shapen plastic sunnies, as if I was supposed to pile on all of my belongings and look as though I was on my way to hop into a van for a summer touring of a desert music fest, or nowadays called carnival.A perfect example of the contradiction of the popularity of anything going in fashion, and everything being in style at once and for quite some time to come.
Brand: INC International Concepts
I also bought this faux suede jacket at Kohls.

Brand: Rock and Republic

I had fallen upon these items and thought I was good on the fringe.  At least I could fit in with my peers, even if I calmed down the trend by wearing it with solids and a neutral lip instead of a vampy, black, or even green matte lip which is seen often now.  Then I saw the red sign in the hallway luring me into the store.  I wasn't even on the same floor!  I was upstairs, and the words from down below over the railing 'extra 30%' dove out into my eyes as if I was in an iMax theatre wearing 3D glasses.  I even passed the smell of Chipotle as I raced down the mall stairs and entered Express.  Extra 30%! The store is so organized with having the sale items perfectly broken down according to size, every single time.  There's no messing up that stores rack system, and it makes for ease of shopping!  I saw 'it.'  I thought 'it' was only okay, so I didn't touch 'it.'  'It' looked soft though.  My arm was full of other things I knew 100% I would be putting back and not purchasing, but I liked picking out the pieces I admired to see if I would grow affectionate toward them while they were sitting so close to my heart, but alas I did not, so I put them back.  Who am I kidding, I tried them on over my workout pants in the dressing room, as if that made it as if I wan't officially trying anything on since I was 'just looking.'  I somehow, and I don't even remember doing it, added 'it' to my heavy arm full, snuck into an open-doored room, which is not easy to come by in that store, and plopped my heavy pile onto the stool.  I didn't lie, it all went back on the sale rack, except 'it' fit like a glove.  I liked 'it's' look.  'It' was buttery soft too.

Brand: Express

Here's the thing.  The arms did not have fringe so I knew they wouldn't be slopping into my panera soup when Michelle and I go and get the quinoa bowl.  Arm fringe is just like a dirt collector and knowing me I would get caught in an elevator pinned against the ceiling, breaking a heel when I fell back onto the floor, jacket hanging from the top slit of the elevator door.  Yes, I'm that spastic.  Okay maybe that's exaggerating, but it would get caught in the car door, and then I'd walk away and it'd rip and this would be while on a Tinder date and end up on YouTube because someone next to me would have been vlogging themselves walking, because that is what we do in 2015, document our every move. Awwww snap(chat).The arms did not have fringe and the back had straight fringe, both very different than the 80s style.  This jacket had no V shape to emphasis the V shaped seam on the rear of our high waisted front pleated jeans that led to our tri-colored slouch socks and LA gear high tops with double laces of two different colors.  Did I just find modern faux leather fringewear? Fringewear I now adore you.  I can make you sophisticated with sharp black skinny jeans and black stilletos whether it be pointy toed pumps or peep toe booties (even though it's winter), and a big statement necklace.  Take that fringe, you are SO 2015 now!  #dropmic  P.S. things are now bluetooth adaptable and wireless so why is dropped mic suddenly on fleek.  #mindblown.   That's out of date already too.  What's next Gen X? After these finds, I no longer cringe at fringe.  As a child of the 80s, I welcome the 80s anyway.  Fanny packs and backpacks and high top sneakers are all back!  I even saw slap bracelets at Walmart today. These are the days when anything goes!
These are the days when anything goes!Every day is a winding road

I get a little bit closer
Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine

Thanks Cheryl Crow

All products purchased were not sponsored and all faux material, and the opinions belong to the blogger.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thrift Store Come Ups

If you have read my recent posts then you are semi familiar with my post partum shopping and dressing issues.  If you aren't caught up then here is one of my posts about it.  Post partum dressing is probably my least favorite part of having a newborn.  Sleep deprivation and lots of diapers don't bother me as much as trying to figure out what fits and what I can breast feed in.  As my five year old would say "it's a big 'whomp whomp'."

Most of my fall and winter clothes are layer able pieces but they don't fit me at the moment.  I was faced with a closet full of clothes and literally nothing to wear a couple weeks ago.  I hesitated spending lots of money on new things that I hopefully won't need for very long but it was obvious that shopping needed to be done- and quick style!  Thankfully I found some great pieces recently at yard sales and thrift shops.

I spent $12 on four shirts and two sweaters at a yard sale.  Each item was only $2 and it almost felt wrong to pay so little for some of them because some are Express, BCBG, and Forever 21.  Yes, they are gently used items, but they are in great condition and nobody would be the wiser if I didn't tell them.  I was so excited to find these items!

The following week I found two sweaters at a church thrift store.  I spent $5 for both and one is also Express!

Here are some of my recent "come ups:"
It's a Banana Republic sweater!  It's light weight and super soft.

This is an Express cardigan that I got for $2!  I love the jeweled buttons and it will be adorable with jeans.

And lastly I would like to show you this over sized, cream colored chunky knit sweater.  The back has a criss cross detail that sets it apart.  I am going to pair it with leggings and boots.

Shopping for used clothes isn't something that everyone is into and I am ok with that.  Sometimes I actually enjoy hunting down one of a kind pieces at vintage shops, consignment stores, and resale shops more than shopping at the mall or online.  When my wardrobe needs a revamp on a budget then buying used is a good option for me.  I enjoy considering how a piece can be tailored to me or worked into my existing wardrobe and I love knowing that nobody likely has the same thing.


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Monday, October 12, 2015

Too Faced Born This Way foundation

You may know by my past posts that I am a big YouTube watcher!  I found it to be a great way to hear tried and true reviews of products.  Whether it be food, cleaning, clothing, or beauty, I can hear a live upfront first impression from someone just like me.  I find it even more impressionable when the opinion comes from someone who is very familiar with a multitude of competitive brands and the quality and formulations of high-end products that are not in my budget to try.

Most of my friends tend to prefer a low to medium coverage foundation, whereas I prefer high-coverage, as I spoke of HERE.   This being said, when the beauty addicts of the YouTube world raved about a high-coverage foundation, I was out the front door and driving pedal to the metal to the closest Ulta to pick my color.  I had it in my shopping cart on the website, but I couldn't even wait that long.  I needed this product, despite the hefty $39, high coverage equals porcelain doll face in my makeup mirror.  It is the Born This Way foundation by Too Faced.

I have cool toned skin, with a pink hue, but the Ulta employee matched me with the shade Warm Nude.  The yellow appearance behooved me because it really did blend into my skin.  This leads me to think I would be fine wearing a range above and below it as well whilst less tan during winter.  I still find it unsettling that I own a warm tone shade, yet I choose to apply it with every application so I'll be keeping this shade.

I urge you to try it.  My initial reaction was unimpressed but I wasn't using enough!  Kelly Strack from YouTube suggested 2 full pumps of product and just like that, it slid on top of my skin easily without much blending and it didn't get thick and cakey.  It is like a smoothing solution that is now my absolute top pick of foundation!

photo fro

It can be purchse here:

See Kelly's channel here:


This product was purchased and not endorsed.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Get Oiled Bags

One of my goals is to try and support small businesses and artisans more.  Admittedly, I am an Etsy addict.  There are so many inventive, one of a kind things on Etsy and I can easily order something neat everyday.  q few of my friends even have Etsy businesses and I try and support them as often as I can.

I've been looking for a small bag that I could fit into my bigger purse but would fit my phone, lipstick, a diaper and wipes.  One of my friends, Jen, is an incredible seamstress and makes custom bags that have little pockets to hold essential oils.  She has an Etsy shop called Get Oiled Bags. I am not hugely into essential oils as to where I would carry them with me, but I like the style of her bags, wanted to support her, and was curious if the little oil pockets on the side of her bags would also hold lipsticks.  I was happy to see that she had a bag that meets all those qualifications and was a fantastic price of $20.00.  I even got to pick my fabrics.

Lipsticks and lip glosses DO fit in place of oils and this bag is just the right size for when I am running into a store with my kids and don't need to carry my giant purse.  It's well made and stylish.  It could also work as a makeup bag.

It's super cute, right?  Here's a couple pictures of the inside:

If you are interested in ordering a similar bag then please check out Jen's Get Oiled Bags on Etsy here.  

Now that I have a bag that carries oils, I am actually a little interested in learning more about oils.  I know a lot of people swear by them.  I know a lot of people think they are just silly but I am trying to open minded about less traditional methods for healing and cleaning.  Anything that eliminates some chemicals in or around us must be worth a shot, right? I am expecting a few samples to arrive next week and will follow up after I try them.  Check back!


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*Photo courtesy of the blogger.  This review was not sponsored.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brown lipstick? Think again

I have had my eye on LimeCrime's Cashmere lipstick since it was released, but couldn't spend the $20 on it.

It's a taupy brown color, and reminds me of opening my Christmas stocking as a child.  Every year, without fail, I would receive nail polishes and lip sticks, and almost always my mom would give me lipsticks in a light brown color and a cinnamon color.  I remember wearing those colors daily in 7th grade and again in 10th when I was more into makeup. 

Over the past decade I thought those colors looked odd on me and hadn't touched them.  I did a makeup clean out last year and only then parted with my stocking stuffers because, let's just say they most likely expired since the 90s and may have smelled a little funny.

I came across MAC lipsticks and lip pencils in Stone and Spice within the last few months, but again would not pay the price, especially when some creme lipsticks can make my dry lips look drier.

Michele told me Ulta was having a sale so I took a risk and purchsed 2 Ulta brand lipsticks.  I chose colors similar to the MAC colors I desired Stone and Spice, but they aren't true dups nor did I want them to be.  I prefer the subtlty of the Ulta colors rather than the bolder MAC colors I was inspired by.  I bought Sweet Mocha 260 and  Bronzed Beauty 261.

I applied Sweet Mocha, which applies more brown than the mauve color it appears to be in the photo.  I stepped back and was amazed how much it changed my entire makeup look. It created a sophisticated look paired with neutral eyeshadows, and I just adored it.  It now stays in my purse so I can take it wherever I go.  I can't wait to pair Bronzed Beauty with my new MakeUpGeek foiled shadow Flame Thrower I mentioned HERE to create a copper bronzed look to wear with brown fall boots, or an olive or navy outfit. 

Brown lipstick had me fooled!  Once applied, Sweet Mocha is just dark enough to cover my natural lip color, but also not too dark of a brown.

Sweet Mocha (top), Bronzed Beauty (bottom)

I liked the formula of Ulta brand's lipsticks too, as it stayed through hours of conversation during date night.  I usually stick to what I know, but now I recommend and will repurchase Ulta brand lipsticks!  Thanks Michelle for the suggestion!


*No products mentioned above were endorsed.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lauren Conrad Leggings

Being two weeks post partum is both invigorating and disheartening.  My body is finally starting to feel like my own again, but it certainly isn't looking like the one I used to have yet.  Dressing your post partum body is frustrating and sometimes even depressing.  Maternity clothes are too big, your old clothes are much too small, and purchasing a wardrobe of clothes in the sizes in between isn't really feasible.  So what's a new mom to do?

Leggings and layers.

The answer is definitely leggings and layers.  Thankfully that's doable in Fall!  Specifically Lauren Conrad leggings from Kohls.

My love affair with leggings goes way back.  I probably own 20 pairs of leggings, not including yoga pants and workout pants.  I wear leggings year round and almost everywhere.  Some people like jeans but I prefer leggings as a staple in my wardrobe.

I hadn't tried Lauren Conrad leggings yet but in a desperate moment the other day, I grabbed some at Kohls without trying them on.  I put them on later that day and was so happy with my purchase.  They are comfortable, high waisted enough to smooth out some of the post baby lumps and bumps and thick enough not to worry about when I move around.

I loved them so much that I went back the next day for another pair.  At $10 each they are well worth it and available in several colors and prints!  I have been pairing them with comfy sneakers for fall, long tank tops, and cardigan sweaters.  Layers are key for Fall weather around here.  These leggings will transition into colder months with boots and sweaters too.  I am happy to have found them and will probably buy a size down when I lose some of the baby weight.  There are tons of leggings options available, I wouldn't recommend a specific one if I didn't love them!

I was even wearing my LC polka dot leggings as I wrote this post at Panera.  I love them that much!


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*Photo courtesy of the blogger.  This review was not sponsored.

Friday, September 25, 2015


Lipstick is one of my favorite things in the world.  When I am having a bad day then I take a moment, put my lipstick on, pour another cup of coffee, and handle whatever needs handling.  One of my all time favorite quotes is by Elizabeth Taylor and it is "Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together."  I abide by her advice and after I put my lipstick on, I always feel better.

I need to have a print like this one made to hang on my bedroom wall.  I just adore it and it is so true!

Earlier this week I was having a tough day.  I went through my usual routine of coffee, lipstick, and getting myself together.  I ran errands with all three of my kids, including my newborn.  I was tired after being up all night and stressed about a couple different things.  I had chosen one of my favorite lipsticks, Super Hot, by Sephora Collection and is one of their Rouge Cream Lipsticks.  I had applied it quickly in the car, without any primer or lip pencil and only wearing minimal other makeup.  I was delighted when I got back in the car after three busy hours and my lipstick still looked great.

I was so tired but I had to stop and take a selfie to document the awesomeness of the moment.  Forgive my crazy hair and under eye circles please!  Having a newborn is exhausting but at least it's nice to know that my lipstick still looked fab.

I definitely recommend Sephora Collections Rouge Cream Lipstick and am purchasing more today.  I am a huge fan!


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*Photos courtesy of the blogger.  This was not a sponsored review

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fashion premiere of philanthropic lifestyle brand KARMA FOR A CURE® during NYFW

Prepare yourself for this debut!

Fashion designer and owner of KARMA FOR A CURE®  Margaux Minutolo presented her SS16 Jet Set Collection during New York Fashion Week at an event held Thursday, Sept. 17th.  I was among many who could not wait to get a glimpse of the new collection!  

KARMA FOR A CURE® Founder Margaux was inspired by her father's battle with cancer to create a brand that celebrated his life of travel, adventure, and good karma.  Margaux's brand has evolved from an artsy awareness t-shirt to a full lifestyle collection of clothing for the adventurer, escapist, girl on the go. The contemporary collection of neutral knits is relaxed, transitional and chic, ready to voyage from jet-set to surf-side - made to explore the world with you as you sprinkle positivity along your journey through life.  The brand's mission is to create positive social impact in honor of Margaux's father.

To start off by saying this new fashion line blew me away is an understatement.  Margaux presented her line with a display of live models who adorned a few of her 21 new garments, which paired perfectly with her healing halos and handmade headpieces.

KARMA FOR A CURE® held the premiere at Hotel Chantelle in collaboration with cocktail app Hooch, as well as a live performance by European DJ Raffael De Luca.  The turnout to view SSFW in the hotel lobby scene she created with vintage suitcases was exceptional, and I expect no less from this up and coming designer whose forward thinking brings the element of surprise everywhere she goes.

This standout piece caught my eye!
Cut-Out Maxi is the most versatile maxi.

The Diamond Print Dress and
Bonefish Sweaterare knockouts to add to your SS16 wardrobe.

Margaux's SS16 Jet Set Collection is refreshing, and wearable, and I will be ordering multiple pieces to travel with next Spring.  I found KARMA FOR A CURE®'s Jet Set Collection SS16 to be practical for girls on the move, and the pieces are versatile enough to add to your suitcase no matter the trip!  These quality garments are neutral essentials for any chic jet-setting woman.
Although not available until Spring 2016, inquire about pre-ordering at

Watch an exclusive video of the NYFW event at


Photo credit belongs to MoonCultureFilms

Monday, September 21, 2015

More MUG eyeshadows!

My 'special delivery' arrived!  I got my anxiously awaited package in the mail! 

I first mentioned MakeupGeek (MUG) eyeshadows here!  The blend-ability still impresses me!

I decided to order 8 more, since I was missing a few essential base and crease colors.

I had to get the foil shadow called Flame Thrower, to create a copper look this season!

I bought:
Beaches and Cream
Ice Queen
Flame Thrower (foiled shadow)
Barcelona Beach
Crème Brulee

with flash

without flash

I rearranged my Z palette and created labels, so I can remember which ones my YouTube beauty gurus recommend for different looks I try to achieve!

Peach Smoothie is another fan favorite, but a little too peachy orange for my skin tone and preference so Beaches and Cream was a lighter and softer option. I can't wait to try some more neutral looks for fall with this palette.

The regular shadows are $5.99 each! I got one on sale for $2.99 too! The foiled shadows are $9.99, and remind me of the look of MAC pigments but cost less and aren't nearly as messy!
MakeUp Geek products can be bought on my affiliate link here!
*Photos courtesy of blogger.  Products mentioned were personally purchased and not endorsed.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

MUF HD Microfinish Powder vs City Color HD Powder

My skin changed after I had kids and up until recently I was  looking for a good finishing powder to wear over my CK One foundation. I hadn't found a favorite until earlier this year when I started wearing Make Up Forever's HD Microfinish Powder.  It's easy to apply, makes my makeup last, and keeps my nose from becoming shiny as the day goes on.  It is great and I wear it almost everyday.  I would have been completely loyal and not tried any other finishing powders but ipsy sent me a sample of City Color's HD Powder and now I am completely sold on it!  It looks, feels, and works just as well as Make Up Forever's but is a fraction of the price!  You had me at "bargain!"

Both City Color HD Powder and Make Up Forever HD Powder are applied with a large, fluffy blush.  They are both equally long wearing on me, easily blendable, and easy to touch up if needed.  I rarely touch mine up though!  My favorite thing about both is that they don't show up as shimmer or white in pictures.  Many white finishing powders show in photos and that is always a fear of mine.  Thankfully these both passed the picture test!

The container for the Make Up Forever powder is very heavy and bulky.  It's a pain to carry in my purse because it is so unwieldy.  The City Color Powder container is much more lightweight and easy to travel with.  The mesh cover inside the Make Up Forever's powder container does help ensure it doesn't spill or that I don't put too much on my brush at once.  That would be a nice feature for the City Color Powder to have but maybe it does on the full size container.  Their website didn't disclose that detail.  Either way that wouldn't convince me to purchase the more expensive one.

In this picture you can see that the City Color HD Powder would be easier to spill.

The Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder is $34 at Sephora.  There are 8.5 grams in the container.   The City Color HD Powder is $5.99 on The City Color website and there are 7 grams in the container.  Likely, I will have to pay shipping for City Color HD Powder, but even then it will still work out to be cheaper than the Make Up Forever version.

I am absolutely sold on the City Color HD Powder.  I would recommend and repurchase the Make Up Forever version, but given the choice I will choose the City Color one all the way!  With all that money saved I can also buy another product to try.  Yay!


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*This is a non sponsored review.  All photos are courtesy of the blogger.