Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017 Michelle

2017 is here and it's my year to rebuild myself.  So much happened in 216 and I lost track of my needs and good habits.  It's time for restoration and rebuilding...maybe even a new start in some ways.

One of the ways I am taking back me and my life is to take a few minutes each day to myself.  I squeeze 5-10 minutes when I can and sit quietly with a mug of green tea.  Green tea has antioxidants and the quiet time really helps me recharge.  I add a little local honey too for sweetness and the local bees' pollen helps with my allergies.  I feel so much better after I have my tea and "having tea" everyday sounds fancy and happy.  I just adore that time of day.

I'm also trying to strengthen my hair.  The past couple of years were rough on it and I lost a ton of hair after having my son.  I am finally feeling more like myself and getting my hair back into good shape is important to my image and confidence.  I know it sounds superficial but being self conscious about my hair loss really affected me.  I am trying to make sure it stays healthy, conditioning with coconut oil weekly, and taking Biotin for growth.  The waiting game is rough.  I can't wait to be able to have a messy bun again. Grow hair! Grow!

What else?

I am easing back into my fitness routine.  I am back in ballet once a week and trying to get to yoga weekly too.  Last year I moved to rural Pennsylvania and being far from a gym is seriously killing my fitness routine.  I want so badly to get to the gym but being so far away, and the crazy winter weather, don't make that easy.  Instead I am trying to squeeze in squats, planks, and as much movement as possible.  At least walking the dog in my hilly neighborhood is a good cardio workout!

Life is about the journey, right?  What are you all up to?  Comment below and let me know!


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