Monday, January 25, 2016

Becca Brightening Corrector

My makeup routine has come a long way from foundation and eyeliner to a full layered 'system' of first skincare, then makeup!

I have my I'm running errands today makeup and my girls night out makeup, as well as my must haves and my I shouldn't have bought this piles.

I have my weekend getaway and vacation minimal products, and my buy a 2nd to stock up on in case this product ever gets discontinued items.

One of my virtual You Tube friends Samantha Schuerman did a video on how to get what she calls "instagram face."  Sam has oily skin like I do, so I take her word on all her reviews, even more than the word of professional makeup artists.  Sam recommended Becca Brighener for under the eyes.  I had never tried a Becca product before, even though I know the Becca highlighters were all the rage.  Let's be honest here. I am just a normal girl, so I don't need 3 Ikea Alex drawers and a separate 'beauty room' to store 100s of barely used makeup products.  I need just my essentials. 
Okay I do have one Ikea Alex drawer because it looks oh-so-chic and I'm a sucker for organizational items and it really did keep me from having 7 different areas in my bathroom, bedroom, purse, junk drawer, and basement bin where my makeup was stored prior to purchasing the Alex drawers.  That aside, I didn't know which Becca highlighter to pick, why it was so expensive, or why I needed to be highlighted to begin with.  I had no desire to look like Edward Cullen in the sunlight, blinding people in the Target parking light from the light reflecting off of the $30 something dollar sparkles I took time applying to my cheekbones.  I knew 'strobing' was the new facial trend, creating a dewy look that looked natural but wasn't, but I'm not a follower of each and every trend.  I think Michelle would tend to agree that we each walk to the beat of our own drum, sometimes with inspiration from fellow fashionistas and sometimes from our own unique creative flares. We both would be more likely than 99% of our friends to walk out in public with an 'abnormal' look, yet don't confirm to the replications of every trend of the moment in beauty and fashion.  If that was the case, in just the last 2 seasons we would have gone from blue hair to Kylie lip color, to pink hair, to silver grey hair to vamp lip, and from tanned brown contoured cheeks to glistening dewy pale skin, from double lined winged eyes to no wing, from eyelash extensions and denim culottes to pierced noses and chins and plaid shirts.  I digress.  I didn't know which Becca brightener to buy since Jaclyn Hill's was sold out so I bought none.  No go on the highlighter for me, but I trust Sam and I decided to splurge on her recommendation of a brightener instead, after seeing how GORG her skin looked in her tutorial. 

It really does photograph well and can be purchased at Sephora HERE!



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  1. Nice eye makeup :)
    Maria V.